Saturday, April 03, 2010

Be TrueBlue or Tune Out?

I know this is just a big tease.  In that really dark, negative way, I don't want the Rangers to make the playoffs because I can't take another year under Glen Sather.  Enough is enough with him already.  But I digress; back to the tease.

As a fan ya just can't help but get caught up in the moment where we still have an outside but improving chance at making the play-offs.  After tonight's drubbing of the Tampa Bay Bolts, the Rangers find themselves in 9th place and 2 points out of the 8th spot.

After some really miserable losses the BlueShirts mugged the Islanders at MSG, which I attended, jumping out to a 3-0 lead after the first period. 

The next night they played a rather courageous game against the Devils in Newark and pretty much stole 2 points.  One of those Drury moments we remember from days of yore happened just in time to tie the score with .16 seconds left in regulation.  You remember those moments don't you?  The Drury moment in Colorado, and the Drury moment in Buffalo...; ya know the Drury moment that just doesn't seem to happen here, Happened.  They hiccupped again after those two spirited victories and here we are tonight; two points out.

Do I think they'll go far in the play-offs should they make it?  Hell No!  Can they make the playoffs, surprise and get deep in the tournament?  I guess.  If Henrik is perfect, if Gaborik is a monster, if Avery is healthy and stays on the smarter side of insanity, if Redden doesn't suck, if Dubinsky and Callahan can kick things up a notch like NHL play-offs demand, if our newest kids like Del Zotto and Christensen, etc., can escape the true enormity of the playoffs because they are too young to grasp it and enabling them to play free of mind, if Prust can carry the load of protecting skaters in a Ranger jersey solo like he's been, and if Shelley chips in too, if Staal would just throw his body around a little more, if Rozsival doesn't turn the puck over every other time he touches it in the defensive zone, and Torts doesn't loose his mind and do weird things at weird times....,  I don't know.

But I'm TrueBlue.  I'm not going to tune out.  I'll risk the tease because rooting for my teams is all I know how to do.  So...C'Mon Boyz!  Finish your checks, push the puck to the outside in the defensive zone, get a good fore-check going, and what ever happened to effective cycling of the puck?  Win the battle of the boards!  And for Puck's sake, SHOOT!  Just put the puck on net and be there for a rebound.  Just put the damn thing on net! 

I'm with ya guys.  C'mon.  ...for Papa

Let's Go Rangers!!!

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