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Thank You CRZ BLUE's Dodger Blue World

Back in December '09, one of my initial posts of this newborn blog was a little trip back to the present day site of Ebbets Field.  It was a simple post with a picture of the stone marker signifying the site of Ebbets and the street sign of Bedford Ave, alternatenly named Gil Hodges Way.  That post received one comment.  I was very new in the BloggerHood; very new.  I was happy.  It was a step forward.  A couple of posts followed I'm sure with me complaining about the Wilpons or the Mets in general.  Then I wrote the following quick post in what was to become (unofficially) "our" second TrolleyRide through the Hood.  Here is that post which is fairly brief, about the Brooklyn Dodgers.  But what made it different from just about any other post or Trolley Ride I've taken you on, I for the first time and maybe the last time, openly expressed my hate (hate? hate is strong.) hate for the Los Angeles Dodgers.  But I'm not one of those clouded cats.  I'm just a baseball fan above all else and to be quite honest, there's nothing like taking in Vin Scully starting at 10:30pm my time to end my nights.  Take a quick peek because today's post has everything to do with my commenter, not me...

This post was visited by the one same commenter; CRZBLUE, or as we affectionately know her, Emma.
CRZBLUE'S Dodger Blue World.
She made no mention to my L.A. Dodger quips.

Very recently when I threw my SchoolYard, Hot Dogs Baseball and Brandy Bonfire to the Fans, Emma brought so many goodies for us to eat while we all cajoled about baseball.  As part of that SchoolYard post I took a little poke at "her" Dodgers (affectionately but intentionally) and this time she bit right back!
I loved it.  She's been riding on the Trolley since day one and is one of my greatest supporters.  She followed me through the Caribbean Series.
Her recent posts celebrating black history month and the women who played in the Negro Leagues still have me fascinated.  She put together an amazing list of Brooklyn Dodgers still alive.  She just informed us that list was shortened by one less name with the passing of another former Bum.  Her desire for her Dodgers is insatiable.  Personally, I love her blog.  She keeps digging up things I've never known and that I find amazing..  We all pride ourselves somewhat on our knowledge about baseball.  Don't we?  But I for one can say I've learned from you all.  Another recent post she made featured the L.A. Dodgers 2010 commemorative patch:
1st World Championship
1955 Dodgers
55 Since '55

I salivated like Pavlov's dog when I saw it, and in jest said I had to have one.
Today when I arrived home and checked my mail box, I received this item
and hurried myself to settle in for the evening.
Upon opening it, this is what I found inside:
  It's the small things in life that make the most impact with me.
This is HUGE!!  Emma! What can I say?
I'm at a loss, -  I'm sorry my words may not come out the way I want them.  But to all my neighbors in the BloggerHood, and especially to you Emma...I'm very happy to know and learn and share with you.
Thank you for this gift!

For Emma and Brooklyn/L.A. Dodger fans,
I offer you my BrooklynTrolleyBlogger
55 SINCE '55 Tribute

C'mon!...This is cause for celebration.  Everyone, I know this is a little unexpected...but,
Let's Jump-the-Trolley!!
Emma...get up here...You're drivin'!
1955 and the Party Time Hotel

 It was always wait till next year with them.  They were a buncha Bums.

(mine)                                        (mine)
 But Dem Bums were our Bums, Chum! Then one season, it happened.
They faced off against the N.Y. Yankees, our hated cross town rivals, in the World Series again.
After so many years of winning the National League Championship and loosing to them in the Series, 
I'm gonna spare myself the details.
(my 1947 pin)

But in '55
(program and tickets, T.S. Collection)
(Topps Cards, Mine)

after winning

and winning

and Winning.

In game seven at Yankee Stadium, Bronx
Johnny Podres shut-down the mighty Yankees and Vin Scully announced,
"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Brooklyn Dodgers are Champions of the World"

On the field...
....and the paper the next day looked like...

There was still the matter of some serious celebration and party to be had.
So, today we're pullin up to the Bossert Hotel on Montague Street.
This is where the Dodgers celebrated their 1955 World Series victory.
The Bossert Hotel

That must have been some party!

Brooklyn finally had their..

('s mine. autographs are real)

(on my wall)

(something I put together)

I know that was just a quick trip  up the block, but I can really picture what that night might have been like in the Hotel.  Emma, I hope you enjoyed my little tribute to that day in 1955; 55 years ago this season. 
I appreciate the Patch so much.  Now I don't know whether to put it on my -

(rookie jersey L.A.)

because we spent a lot of time using the Brooklyn Cyclones (our Baby Bums as we call em) to celebrate our old Brooklyn Dodgers, many fans put their Dodger patches on their -


So I have to decide which it's going to be. 
Does anyone have a thought which jersey to slap this patch on?

*note: The Bossert is no longer a hotel and was just recently sold.
But she should be fine.

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