Saturday, August 12, 2017

Road Trips 2017: Pittsburgh Part II ~ Forbes Field

Finally!  My first road trip of the season...

I visited Pittsburgh's PNC Park once before in 2005 for an inter-league series against the eventual World Series champion, Chicago White Sox.  I made that trip a few years before launching this blog, and so accounts and pictures went unpublished.  Twelve years later, I finally made my return trip to Steel City over the Fourth of July weekend.

Without further adieu, it's my pleasure to finally present you PNC Park, and revisit the site of old Forbes Field.



Images taken inside Posvar Hall, 
University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Crawfords
Homestead Grays ~ Josh Gibson

Horacio "the rabbit" Martinez

Posvar Hall

*         *         *

July 18, 1951
Jersey Joe Walcott vs. Ezzard Charles
Forbes Field

The Pittsburgh Kid Billy Conn 
greets former champ Jack Dempsey at Forbes Field

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