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Vintage Bus and the Real Manhattan Transfers

Bensonhurst's most famous bus driver

Part One: 
I Brive a Dus ~ R.K.

It doesn't matter what kind of car you drive, if most times it's just best to leave it home.

Alas, former elitist Robert Moses' failed vehicular exodus from the city rushes to mind ... but I digress.

We New Yorkers are commuters.  Regardless of Borough, we're a city on the move.  It's our unavoidable reality as urbanites, something coded into our metropolitan DNA.  Twenty four hours a day and seven days a week, we're a sidewalk walking, bus taking, subway riding society.

Throw in the old trolley system, and it's been this way for well over a century.  For instance, this Flatbush Avenue trolley inevitably became the B41 bus route to East 71 Street.

(Pic submitted by John L.)

Be it going to school, baseball practice, Roller Palace, the movies, Coney Island, or what have you ... the buses I took as a young boy where still colored green.  And what kid/teen didn't want to ride the back corner seat with the window pushed open?

What parent also didn't advise their kids to sit near the bus driver, whom indeed generally kept a watchful eye on familiar faces along their routes.  Sadly, times have changed, and drivers instead are the ones seemingly needing protection, having been made to drive behind protective glass.

The oldest of the blue and white buses traversing today's streets are the fleet that replaced the greenies of my childhood's early to mid-1970s years.  At first, they tried repainting a few of the green buses in the new blue/white motif, but ultimately retired the fleet by the very early 1980s.

(Pic submitted by John L.)
This B78 Mill Basin bus is pulling out of the Utica Avenue depot at Fillmore Avenue.
Flatbush Avenue is in the background.

Ask and ye shall receive..
I asked a guard on duty if I could rummage through this bus 
parked in Red Hook.  He opened the doors without hesitation.
Thank you, Sir.

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