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Brooklyn Cyclones vs. S.I. Yankees: Battle of the Boroughs - III

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Battle of the Boroughs - III

Season series is tied 3-3
I - BK 3; SI 2
II - SI 8; BK 3
III - BK 6; SI 4
IV - SI 3; BK 2
V - SI 1; BK 0
VI - BK 4; SI 3

Brooklyn Cyclones
Staten Island Yankees
The Other Side of the Bridge

BROOKLYN CYCLONES: True to their name, Coney Island's season is spinning out of control.

McNamara Standings:
1) Staten Island 25-21     *
2) Brooklyn 23-24  2.5 GB

Brooklyn, we have a problem.  

The Cyclones have lost five straight, have fallen below the .500 mark for the first time all season, and presently trail the Staten Island Yankees by 2.5 games in the standings.

Including this afternoon's action, the Cyclones have 28 games left in the regular season.

That gives them time to rectify a deteriorating situation.

Step One: Beat the Yankees.  

To date, the teams have split six games this season.  Take 2 of these next 3 games to at least gain one in the standings.  The first 2 games are over the bridge, while the series finale shifts to Coney.

Step Two: Continue playing competitive baseball through the end of the month.

In fact, the Cyclones have 22 games prior to meeting up with Staten Island again in September.   Eleven of those games will come against their fellow division rivals; Aberdeen Ironbirds and the Hudson Valley Renegades.  Each of them are tied for 3rd place, a mere 3.5 games out of first.

The McNamara Division, then, is clearly up for grabs.  At the very least, they must play well against their direct competition, or get passed by.

They must make that season ending series against the Yankees matter.  

For the moment, the Cyclones are fifth in the Wild Card standings, albeit 1.5 games behind the Lowell Spinners.  They must nevertheless work themselves out of that pack.

Step Three: Hit and score more runs!

Brooklyn's pitching is still among the circuit's best, if not the league's best. They're #1 in team ERA and WHiP, which goes in hand with allowing the fewest hits and the least earned runs.  They additionally rank #2 in strikeouts.

Offensively, they are the complete opposite.  Can they hit home runs?  Yes!  They're tied for 3rd most in the league.  They just can't get anybody on base!  They're last in hits and total bases, team average and OBP.  To be fair, their slugging is second to last.

They've gotten this far.  Just a little more offensive production down the stretch could go a long way.

Step Four: Beat The Yankees Again.

Should the Cyclones arrive at that regular season ending showdown against the Yankees (or whomever else might be in first at the time, if not us...), they need to seize the moment.


As a prominent Brooklynite once said - Just Win, Baby!


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