Thursday, June 04, 2015

N.Y. Mets: Amazin's conclude first third of season with a failure to seize the day

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NEW YORK METS: The Mets will be playing very meaningful games in June.

The Mets lost 2 of 3 against the San Diego Padres, lowering their record to 29-25, with an 8-17 road mark, and a stellar 21-8 record at home.

With Game #54 in the books, so ends the first third of the New York Mets season.

Despite a long list of key injuries they still have yet to recover from, the Mets ended play on June 3rd one half game behind the first place Washington Nationals.

After posting a 77-85 record in 2014, new San Diego Padres general manager A.J. Preller launched a furious effort aimed at chasing down and overtaking the Giants and Dodgers.  The Padres were the easy winners of the off-season with the acquisitions of Matt Kemp, James Shields, Will Myers, Justin Upton, Will Middlebrooks, Brandon Morrow, Josh Johnson, and a few others.  His white hot Winter efforts, however, have yet to produce a .500 record on the field.

San Diego inched closer though.  With the successful conclusion of their series against the Mets, the Padres improved their record to a 27-28 mark.

They still trail the Dodgers and Giants by a hand full of games, however, unless something changes over the summer months, the Padres will become the latest club to attempt a rebuilding all in one off-season, and fail.

New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson has taken a much more (painfully) methodical approach in his rebuilding efforts.  While losing 2 of 3 to San Diego offers little proof, Alderson is garnering better on-field results than his San Diego counterpart, and appears better armed for future contention as well.

On that note, the Mets implemented their new 6-man rotation Wednesday, which obviously did not start well.  Dillon Gee took the mound for the first time since May 3rd, and allowed 4 earned runs in 4 innings pitched.

On this night, the Mets also failed to overtake the faltering Nationals in the standings.  They will sleep this evening still trailing Washington by one half-game.

As David Wright's return to action becomes murkier by the day, Sandy Alderson seems to be gearing up to strike a deal.  Acquiring a second baseman, shortstop, or third baseman are all options.

A proactive approach is most certainly warranted.


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