Monday, December 29, 2014

N.Y. Jets: Rex's Last Stand

From the desk of:  WALT MICHAELS' REVENGE

New York Jets: Woody Johnson Dropped The Hammer; Announces The End Of D-Generation Rex.

The top five reasons Rex Ryan is no longer head coach of the Jets are Bret Favre, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Michael Vick, and Geno Smith.

Next on the list are two bean counters hired as general managers.

Further down the list: talking Braylon Edwards away from Marc Sanchez, trading Darrelle Revis - losing both Revis and Antonio Cromartie without bringing in competitive replacements, and Rex's overall disconnect with the offense.

So what happened?

Rex took Eric Mangini's and Mike Tannenbaum's team to another level with back to back AFC championship game appearances.  Then ground and pound lost its juice, Mark Sanchez regressed, personnel decisions failed to keep pace, and Geno Smith has yet to satisfactorily fill the position as the next, next guy (no matter what you think of his performance against Miami).

After Mike Tannenbaum was fired, you might say GM John Idzik effectively conspired against his head coach - the one forced upon him by Woody Johnson.  That right there was a recipe for disaster. Idzik wound up hoarding tons of salary cap money, and entered office already predisposed to firing Ryan after the 2014 season no matter what.

John Idzik also had 12 draft selections at his disposal last draft, and exhibited absolutely no creativity with them, not to mention, that in a draft rich in wide receivers, Idzik couldn't pick one.

On that note, Eric Decker and Geno Smith waited till Rex Ryan's final game to have their best days as Jets.

John Idzik most definitely needed to get fired.  Maybe this will finally clear the air traffic over the Jets practice facility.

Rex Ryan?  I'm not so sure.  Yes, he had his flaws, but his strengths were clear.

There's no escaping however, a team in regression screamed for changes.

Woody Johnson did the right thing.  Now he just needs to make better decisions.


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