Monday, December 08, 2014

Brooklyn Nets: 25 Years After Princess Di's Visit, We Welcome The Duke and Duchess of Flatbush

From the desk of:  THE HOOPS OF FLATBUSH

In 1989, Princess Diana visited the
Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Tonight, Kings County welcomes back her son and his wife,
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,
Prince William and Kate Middleton

"Welcome Back..., to that same old place that you laughed about."

BROOKLYN NETS: Coach Popvich Said Be Patient, That The Nets Will Become A Conference Force.  He's Friggin Hysterical Isn't He?

Just when it appeared as if he was playing his way out of Coach Hollins' doghouse, Brook Lopez is hurt again.  But, this time his lower back is barking.  Thankfully, his foot bone is still connected to the ankle bone....  Whew!

He'll certainly miss tonight's game against King James, with Prince William and Princess Kate in attendance.  Reports say he'll miss a week.

In the mean time, remember when Milwaukee (the youngest team in the league) started two teenagers, and outscored the Nets 58-54 in the paint, and outpaced them 16-9 on fast-breaks during an overtime victory on Brooklyn's turf?

That was 8 games ago, I know.  But the Nets effort against the Hawks reminded me.

Know why the Nets beat the Spurs?  Because San Antonio is old, and somewhat just as plodding.

In the Nets defense, Coach Popovich had nothing but praise for Coach Hollins and the team, even saying Brooklyn would be a conference force by Spring.


So far, the Nets are 1-7 against .500 teams or better, which makes them 7-3 against the rest of their early   competition.  Their 8-10 record has allowed them to loiter in 2nd place of a very weak Atlantic Division.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are 11-7 this season; not a juggernaut by any stretch.

Perhaps with Brook Lopez out, the Nets can speed up the tempo of tonight's game.

Above all, pay attention to detail..., ok?  Don't embarrass yourselves tonight.  The Royal Family has been very good to this Borough.  So Don't Mess It Up.

And don't let LeBron James orchestrate a royal show on the court of Flatbush.

This is Kings County, not his county!


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