Tuesday, April 08, 2014

N.Y. Rangers: Tough Guys Need Not Apply


Blueshirts Clinch Playoff Berth

NEW YORK RANGERS: ...And Another Thing!  What's The Coach Doing About It?

By virtue of the Devils losing Monday evening, the Rangers clinched a berth in Lord Stanley's playoff tournament.  Congratulations men.  I just hope everyone can stay together to see this through, because if opposing teams have their way, the Rangers will play shy several key members.

You know why Ryan McDonagh has missed the last two games, and why the Rangers were also in jeopardy of losing Marc Staal, and why teams, and select players, feel free to continue taking liberties against Rangers players?

Answer: Because the coach allows it.

Where's his response?  What messages is he sending?  Where's the resistance?  Where's the backbone?

Answer: Not applicable.

Where's Stu Bickel?!  Oh, that's right, he can defend himself, so he's no where to be found.  Alain Vigneault has no use for those type of players.  Instead, his smallest player, Mats Zuccarello, is made to stand up to Chris Neil, while his biggest player, Brain Boyle (244 lbs.) is soft as a pillow - just the way Coach likes 'em.

I have no qualms with Coach's system.  To his credit, Alain Vigneault's way has been an improvement, which to date, has yielded better results.  But, in matters of adjusting opponent's attitudes, the previous coach always answered back.  The present one, does not.

Of course, there's more.

You know why Henrik Lundqvist looks so bad on any given goal, and gets screened so often?  You know why Henrik frequently loses his stick?  You know why the Rangers do not benefit from timely whistles during scrums in the crease?

Answer: Because the Rangers can't push anyone out of the way.

That one is on Glen Sather.

Three games remain in the Rangers regular season.  First up, the Carolina Hurricanes at Madison Square Garden.


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