Monday, April 14, 2014

Brooklyn Nets: We Don't Need A Stinkin' Marketing Strategy

From the desk of:  THE HOOPS OF FLATBUSH

BROOKLYN NETS:  Ted In Murray Hill Can Stick It!

Just Win Baby!

This is perhaps where a few Nets players need slight correction.

RE: The Brand

The rivalry; battle for the city; battle of the boroughs; whatever your pleasure - the Nets need to worry about one thing, or 2.7 million, if you will.  As a Brooklynite, I would tell them, the city (because no one from here calls it Manhattan) matters very little to us.  Outside of necessity, such as work, or in my case, in-laws, most people from HERE despise having to go....THERE.  To real Brooklynites, born and raised, Manhattan is actually quite an inconsequential place.

In more recent times, that sentiment has only been exacerbated by the previous two city administrations.  But, I digress.

To Paul Pierce, and his thoughts of "taking over the city" and Deron Williams, who views the playoffs, minus the Knicks, as an opportunity for the Nets to expand their brand, I would simply suggest, get your minds out of the Chelsea gutters.

Pierce, from Oakland, went to high school in Inglewood.  He knows what it's like trying to escape San Francisco's shadow.  But this ain't Oakland.  This isn't Boston either, where the Celtics play for everyone east of Hartford.  Although Deron was born in West Virginia, the Dallas, Texas area is where he calls home.  Texas is a huge place.  So, I get where he's coming from.  There's room for nuthin' but expansion out there.  My only point is, What Happens In Brooklyn, Is For Brooklyn.

Advice - Do not spend too much time seeking converts throughout the city.  Just take care of your house.  That means playing for the name on the front of your jersey, not Bill and Ted from Murray Hill.

I don't blame them.  Since 1946, teams and players have been coming to New York City to play the Knicks.  Then, with the advent of the ABA, the Long Island and New Jersey Nets hosted games on the outskirts of the city.  No doubt, old habits are hard to break.

More advice - Forget "the city" ..... Aim high man!  Kings County is no new kid on the block.  One in every seven people in the USA traces their family back to Brooklyn.  You'z guyz (we) don't need no stinkin' marketing....

In the words of the late, great, member of Brooklyn's vanguard - Just Win Baby! - Al Davis.

The sooner they learn it's Brooklyn First, the sooner they'll learn..... it's Brooklyn First.

I went to Coney Island last weekend.  What's in your back yard?

Mike.BTB - from Bensonhurst

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