Thursday, April 24, 2014

Brooklyn Nets: The Team's 2.6 Millionth Man

From the desk of:  THE HOOPS OF FLATBUSH

BROOKLYN NETS: He Sed WuT?  F**K Us? F*****K HIM! Let'm C'mova Heer N'Say Dat.  Wut Is He High Or Su'um?

Doesn't what's-his-face know we wear Brooklyn like a red badge of courage, and don't mind being accused of stickin' it in peeplz faces, even to our own locals in the other 4 boroughs?

So, don't take it personal.

We Brooklynites happen to live in perhaps the most diverse 96 square miles on the planet, which makes us by and large, pretty tolerant people, if not the most tolerant people in the world.

But, once you're here, that's it.  No one really cares whence you came - nice word, aye?  We do, but we don't, ya know?  Where ever you were formally from, might get met with a  - Oh, that's nice.  Good luck with that.  But, even the most resistant denizens, whether newly transplanted or from the old school, eventually learn the hard way.

As culturally diverse as we are, there still remains a few local taboos, that if committed, should in most cases, guarantee a universal response.

That said, (Dude!...) you just can't go telling Brooklynites to go f*** themselves.  I know crime is at an all time low in the city, and people here feel safer than ever.  But, some things remain highly ill advised.  It just comes with the territory.  I love it here, but this isn't Disney World bro.  There's a saying - We do not discriminate because everyone pisses us off equally.

Of course, I speak in jest, after all, this is basketball, but there's grains of truth in everything, right?

Friday night, I anticipate Flatbush showing up in earnest to vocalize their displeasure with what's-his-face, respectfully of course.  After all, we're not animals.  We're more like that one funny talking guy in old war flicks that kept his unit's morale up with a uniquely Brooklyn view of things.

Life is indeed fun here, but every day presents its struggles nonetheless.  About that......, for the uh, the uh...., what's-their-faces, the visiting team, Barclays Center is going to box them in like a parking spot on Pacific Street.  It will then be incumbent upon Nets fans to make their captives guest's weekend visit to Brooklyn radically different from any they've experienced before.

Of course, I could be wrong.  Apathy also runs deep here.  Yooo'd be surprised.  So, there's a chance for what's-his-face to avoid an "egg cream" to the face yet.  But I doubt it.


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