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N.Y. Yankees: Alex Rodriguez Stands Down

From the desk of:  BLAME CARLOS MAY

New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez Benched For 2014 Season.

Word to the wise - Be careful, as sometimes people get what they ask for.

In Alex Rodriguez' more loosey-goosey days, back when it was discovered he took PED's during his years in Texas, the disgraced Yankee slugger pleaded with the greater world of baseball to judge him from that point forward.  That was five years ago.

Today, the conclusions most mindful people hold regarding Alex Rodriguez' career, are that he is a repeat offender, a cheater of the game of baseball, a colossal liar, and someone who turned and bit all the hands that feed him.

In other words, as a professional athlete, Alex Rodriguez no longer has any credibility.  Despite dropping his lawsuits against MLB and the MLBPA, there's nothing he can do to regain a good name now.  He's also finding out, that all the millions of dollars he's earned over his career will not buy him a new legacy either.  His personal fortune, is for all intent and purpose, now worthless, because when you lose the respect of your piers and contemporaries, you're done, and as good as broke.

Through the years, each and every of the most major steroid/PED suspects, elevated their fraud to even higher levels of audacity, absurdity, and shame, than the previous cheat.  The sham perpetrated by Mark McGwire upon the Maris Family, by far has been the most disrespectful, because the Maris Family followed McGwire around in good faith, out of tradition, and reverence for the institution of baseball, while McGwire knew he was dirty the whole time.

Rafael Palmeiro waged his finger at Congress, then came up hot, and subsequently blamed his positive test on a syringe obtained from Miguel Tejada.  He has since disappeared.

On the heels of appearing in TV commercials promoting tourism in the Dominican Republic, Sammy Sosa suddenly forgot how to speak English, bleached his skin, and likewise, effectively deleted himself from known civilization.

Barry Bonds escaped MLB's wrath because a certain Mr. Anderson from BALCO Labs (detailed in the book Game of Shadows) agreed to serve jail time versus decoding laboratory files, and connecting documents and regimens to players.  In court and under oath, Barry Bonds merely admitted to unknowingly taking steroids, thinking, as he testified, he was using flax seed oil.

Roger Clemens was incriminated by Andy Pettitte's testimony, but as Clemens puts it, Andy mis-remembered.  What Clemens would have you believe, is that steroids were in his personal home, were used by his wife, but he himself, never did the stuff.

Riding a technicality, a defiant Ryan Braun recently tried railroading the lives of innocent people who were just trying to do their jobs, then got snared again in the Biogenesis revelation.

Of course there are other examples, many others, but these were some of the more egregious cases, until Alex Rodriguez came along to trump them all.

Alex Rodriguez will miss the entirety of the 2014 season - suspended.  However, the Yankees are still beholden to him for over $60 million dollars through the 2017 season.  If he comes back after his suspension, and connects on certain milestone home runs, he will earn even more.  That part just doesn't seem right.  In fact, records wise, it would be a joke, and a travesty, should Alex approach Hank Aaron's true home run record.

Many words can be spent discussing ARod's situation.  I, however, feel as if I've spent too many.  He has been a piranha ever since setting foot in New York City, many times, however, for trivial reasons. This time, he got what he earned,and deserved.


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