Thursday, October 11, 2012

New York Jets: Soul Searching Is Taking Longer Than Expected

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NEW YORK JETS:  Rex Can't Help Them Now.  The Season Is Up To The Players On The Field.

If there was a game Coach Rex was going to win by himself, it was this last one.  Through pure preparation, coaches are usually good for one game in which they are directly responsible for winning or losing.  Rex did everything right in this game - right in the sense the Jets could have won.  Strategy is another story.  Even though, for the Jets control of the game was never really more than a dropped, deflected, or tipped pass, and an interception away.  It is a tough break because the Texans were beatable Sunday.  Rex had a good plan - I think.  Apparently, some of the Jets didn't get the memo.

Rex gave his team two days off after the previous week's debacle against the 49ers.  An extra day off is usually doled out as an award.  When coaches do that after a loss, it is because they will be sequestering themselves in their labs, trying to come up with new formulas for victory.  So as Rex sent his team off in search of fortitude, truth is, coaches need the extra time to prepare.  In this case, perhaps letting Week Four's loss eat away at his team one extra day had its effects.  It just wasn't enough to change the outcome of Week Five.  That doesn't mean things won't change down the line.  The Jets players will just have to do it themselves now.  Rex just used his Get Out Of Jail Free card, and his players blew it.

With a couple of breaks, this is a different conversation.  However, many thing about the Jets remain the same.  And in the NFL, all that matters is they lost.  The next logical question is why..(?)

How about..., Shonn Greene isn't even averaging fifty yards per game this season.  This is clearly not the same guy many thought two years ago could be the Jets next feature back.  At this rate, Tim Tebow can very well become the Jets leading rusher.  In the grand scheme of things, that can not be a good thing.  Bilal Powell hasn't exactly separated himself from the pack either.  And so, the Jets become more reliant on Marc Sanchez' ability to safely and accurately throw the football.  And there's the rub.

And this just in...., Week Six is on the way, and no one is yet to figure what to do with Tim Tebow.


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