Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New York Jets: Haven't Fumbled Away The Division Yet

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Will Marc Sanchez Be Sleeping With The Fishes after Week Eight?

NEW YORK JETS: Back Pedaling Into Week Eight Against Dolphins.  The Jets Still Have No Plan For Tebow, And Their Trust In Sanchez Is All But Spent.

That's a tough way to lose.  Games within the grasp are hard to accept.  Especially when they're in Foxboro.  Just ask Marc Sanchez.  I hear him getting a lot of flack for getting sacked and fumbling the ball in over-time.  I saw two offensive linemen get badly beaten on the play.  But once you start back pedaling, everyone knows your in trouble.  Yeah, New England got on him quick.  Bad foot work?  Maybe.  But you still need to protect the football.

Among so many things to chose from, the failure of the Jets to hold 4th quarter leads, or blowing games in the 4th quarter, will be their demise.  Through all the nonsense of Tim Tebow, losing Derrelle Revis, and a host of other matters, the Jets have still been in position to win games.  It's no doubt a tough pill to swallow.

Sunday, the Jets did almost everything they needed to.  Marc Sanchez threw for 300+ yards.  The Jets rushed for over 100 yards as well.  Running the ball was a combined effort but they managed the yardage none the less.  Dustin Keller was back in full effect, and the difference in Sanchez was very  noticeable.  But an earlier interception and the final fumble were too much - too many mistakes.  It was a game Marc Sanchez had in hand against a division rival and let get away.

New England is far from leading the pack.  Sunday's win only improved their record to 4-3.  The Jets now have a 3-4 record.  The division is still very very salvageable.  But after losses to the Steelers, 49ers, Texans, and now the Patriots, you have to really question where the Jets belong on the NFL's pecking order.  Their victories came against a flaky Bills team, an overtime win over Miami, and they beat a pretty bad Colts team.

Meanwhile, the secret plans for implementing Tim Tebow are out.  There is no secret plan.  We are heading into Week Eight, and there is still no cohesive plan for Tim Tebow on offense.  Interestingly, the Jets play Miami this weekend.  The last time these teams met in Week Three was the closest Coach Sparano came to giving Jets fans any indication Tim Tebow had purpose, much less a role outside special teams assignments.  Is Coach Sparano's plan to unleash Tim Tebow on the Dolphins again?  Instead of saying stop the nonsense, I'll say sticking with Sanchez is the way to go.

Why is a former (Sparano) offensive line coach's offensive line still playing so horribly?  The Jets allowed five sacks Sunday.  It is worth saying this was the problem with the offensive line last season.  So if lack of faith in their quarterback is what they suffer, well then, the team will just have to just  trust him even more.


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