Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New York Giants: Skins Rack Up Yardage Against Defense

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NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL: When The Giants Finish Viewing The Game Film, They Should All Stick Around And Watch It Again.

The Redskins Beat The Redskins.  Eli And Cruz Merely Sealed The Deal.

Washington's Alfred Morris, Robert Griffin, Darrel Young, and Aldrick Robinson all averaged over five yards per carry against the Giants.  Alfred Morris ran twenty two times for 122 yards.  That was concerning enough.  Even more destructive were RG3's eighty nine yards on nine scrambles.  He had a long of twenty eight yards.  Additionally, the Skins gained eleven first downs via the run.  The Giants ran for just four first downs.

With six more plays from scrimmage than the Giants, the Redskins racked up 480 yards of offense. A little more than half their yardage (258) came through the air, while the balance came on the ground.

All I can say is thank goodness for turnovers.  The Giants caused five fumbles.  They recovered three of them, and intercepted Robert-III once.  Osi, Justin Tuck, and JPP all recorded sacks as well.  It was the second consecutive week they collectively buzzed the quarterback.  Otherwise, it is hard damn work trying to reconcile giving up 248 yards on the ground to Washington.  We are now left with the effort against the 49ers and this last game against the Skins as parameters.  Somewhere in between lies the Giants defense.

Better yet, thank goodness for Eli and Victor Cruuuuuz!  Despite a generally bad day by Manning, a play like the one he and Cruz connected on to end the game can make more than just a few people forget how porous the team played on defense.

The Giants had three sacks, Chris Canty returned to duty, and the linebackers, Michael Boley, Chase Blackburn, and Keith Rivers led the Giants in tackles.  So what gives?  Robert-III completed twenty of twenty eight passes.  That helps.  And as mentioned above, his eighty nine yards on the ground didn't help either.  Robert Griffin was his own downfall however.  An interception and a fumble were ultimately too much for the kid to overcome.

On that note, no body better fall asleep when they review the game film.  The Giants have much to address before facing Dallas again.  When they finish the game film, they should stay and watch it again.


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