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Subway Series ~ Roosevelt Avenue Showdown

From the desks of:   HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET  and  BLAME CARLOS MAY


Roosevelt Avenue Showdown

Mets Lead Series 1-0
I  -  NYM 6; NYY 4


New York Yankees
Flushing, Queens

NEW YORK METS:  "It's Seven O'clock and I Wanna Rock; Get a Belly Full of Beer  -  Saturday Night is Alright For Fightin', Get A Little Action In."

What happened in the Bronx, stays in the Bronx.  But even then, Terry's Kids looked undaunted by the Yankees last series.  Since these teams last played, life has quite literally been a world of sweep, or be swept for the Mets.  In the process however, they've proven they can take a punch, and still continue forward with a good fight.  Teams find that quality disturbing about their opponents.  It raises the volume of the voices talking inside their heads.  Even the Yankees; and Joe Girardi.  There is no page in his Blue Binder to demystify how the Mets win games.

...And you did Joe.  Your team did hit three home runs, and still lost.  After yesterday's game, Joe Girardi wasn't intimating the Bombers needed another clutch home run...was he?  Is that what his binder says?

Yeah.., that's New York.  Never satisfied.  And so, he we go again.  But for the first time, in let's say June, the Mets finally seized upon a Game One.  Doesn't winning Game One change the whole complexion of a series, or at least our perceptions?  After failing to do so against the Phils, Nats, Yanks, and Reds, this win finally came against the Yankees in the rematch series.  Not that it matters.  The Mets are just trying to win games.  But if you're striving to be somebody at the trade deadline, then Jon Niese winning Game One, especially on a night Andy Pettitte faltered, should be viewed as important.  So, yes, this is about finally seizing the moment; about stepping up if you're Jon Niese, and delivering in a big moment.  His wasn't a exactly a superlative start, but it was a winning start; his fifth.  At this point, I'm more concerned with taking a sizable step forward.  Winning Game Ones will help that along.  And from Jon Niese, it's what we needed.

Mets fans.., we won that game on Karma; good Karma.  As alien as that sounds to us; believe it.  A stunt like calling the Yankees a bunch of "chickens" would have gone over like passing gas in a space suit a few years ago; which is to say not very well.  Additionally, the Media would have been pounding this team for being woefully streaky, or worse, inconsistent.  But they, the media, are not.  Instead, the Mets have their attention, and are now starting to get the benefit of the doubt.

Think about it, the Mets haven't been pelted by asteroids smashing into the front office and managers, and the cries of a disenchanted fan base calling for the owner's head have effectively been muted.  And Ike Davis hits a Nick Swisher assisted home run?  The credit goes directly Terry Collins, and his team for making us forget a great many things.  It's AMAZIN' what winning just a few more games than you lose can do.

Tonight, the Mets and Yankees will play Game Two in the Roosevelt Avenue stop on the Subway Series.  Chris Young will oppose Ivan Nova.  The Mets will be able to reload their line up with the usual assortment of lefty bats.  So, I'm feeling good about the Mets chances again tonight.

Let's Go Mets!


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