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BKN Nets ~ Billy King's Deals Left Brooklyn Quiet in the Night

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BROOKLYN NETS:  Borough of Kings Wanders Silently  Through The NBA Draft.

Dwight Howard Demands a Trade to Brooklyn Nets Before the Draft

Sources: Deron Williams Only Interested in Signing With Brooklyn Nets or Dallas Mavericks

It doesn't really hit home, until it hits home.  And I'm not talking about the Barclays Center either.  Lack of a number one pick in Thursday's NBA Draft left a major void in the Brooklyn night.  It's a predicament I wasn't at all pleased the team created for themselves upon consummating that foolish deal for Gerald Wallace which eventually came back to kick Billy King in the ass.  I guess you can tell I'm no fan of that deal.  Nor am I big fan of GM Billy King.  I think I made that clear on day one.  I rue the day Rod Thorne ceased being this organization's overseer.  Worse, is the taste left in my mouth over Billy King and Thorne effectively flip-flopping positions and cities.  But I digress.

The Nets didn't pick until the second round, and number fifty-seven overall, because Billy King traded away what would have been the sixth overall pick to Portland.  Their number thirty-five overall pick was surrendered in 2010 to Golden State in the Troy Murphy deal.  Don't even talk to me about picking at number forty one either, or whatever.  And just for effect, don't forget the pick involved in the Derrick Favors deal.  Finally, with Brooklyn's first ever NBA draft opportunity, at 11:48pm they selected a Turkish forward named Ilkan Karaman.  There ya go.  Pop open the champagne and insert cheers here.  The Nets followed a rush on overseas players late in the second round.  And what else could they do?

I remember not too long ago, the Nets had a plethora of high picks, and vast amounts of salary cap space to work with.  So far, in the hands of Billy King, things go Poof!  He made a basket of picks disappear.  Now it's look out budget time.  With just five players under contract, Billy King needs to give Deron Williams his, should he decide to stay, then figure out the rest.  That now includes having to bring Gerald Wallace back at a higher price which is ponderous!  Jordan Farmar hasn't committed on his option yet, and Kris Humphries will also become a free agent.

Upon final agreement, the Nets will have Brook Lopez under contract.  He will join Marshon Brooks, Anthony Morrow, Jordan Williams, and Johan Petro.

The fact is, nothing in Brooklyn comes easy.  And I guess that goes for building NBA franchises now as well.  The trade Dwight Howard was demanding, then not demanding, then demanding again prior to the draft, never happened.  But the Magic are still in a bind, and are probably better served trading their center.  But what good is having Dwight Howard in a Nets uniform if Deron Williams isn't here to orchestrate the offense?  Deron has already exercised his right to opt out of his contract and  become a free agent.  That time is finally upon the Nets.  Their grace time is over.  Deron Williams, in a very quiet yet firm sort of way, has made it unofficially clear, Brooklyn will be where he stays, or Dallas will be where he goes.  Where that leaves Brooklyn right now, only D-Will knows.

To be fair, everything still lies ahead for Billy King.  His record here, is yet to be written.

And no, I'm not entertaining any Jason Kidd talk.

Barclays Center ~ June 2012


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