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NJ/BKN Nets ~ Today's Nets Blotter

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NJ/BROOKLYN NETS:  Points, Pain, and Putin;  Brooklyn Can't Be Too Far Away.

As moving day for the Nets draws closer, the basketball team across the Hudson continues to take on more and more of the characteristics that come with living the tested life in Brooklyn while increasing their yen for it's dramatics as well.  After all, nothing comes easy here.  But we love a good struggle when we see one.  And that's the way we like it.  We wear our trials and tribulations on our chests like a badge of courage.  Fortitude and resilience count for something in the Borough of Kings.  And so the Nets should fit in very nicely.

What do you say about a night Deron Williams drops fifty-seven points to beat a terrible Bobcat team; Brook Lopez sustains another injury to his foot/ankle that will cause him to miss more games; and a billionaire owner who should consider himself lucky to have run against Vladimir Putin in Russia's latest presidential election, and not only lose as expected, but gets to live to tell about it?  Let me know.

We have more pressing issues like..., parking?  What parking?  Did I say that?  But hey, at least it was decided which NYPD precinct will get the cushy assignment of patrolling the arena once it's open for business.  I can just hear the City's cries about overtime and meandering drunkards complaining about over-policing now.  Yes, interesting times lie ahead.

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Deron Williams established a new franchise record for points in a game with fifty-seven.  He also  establishes this season's League high.  Deron Williams breaks the Nets' record of fifty-two, formerly held by Ray Williams (1982), and Mike Newlin before him (1979).

Brook Lopez was just in his fifth game back from a broken right foot.  Now he rolled the ankle and the report is he left the arena on crutches.  That's problematic for the Nets on many levels as everyone knows.

Which leaves us with the matter of this team's owner.  It's high time Mikhail Prokhorov returns to Brooklyn to lead his team, and remain a presence through September.  I stated all my reasons in a January 21st post, linked here, -    The Nets Lack a Head of State:

In other things Nets - The team took out a full page ad in today's New York Daily News
promoting Nets basketball - live concerts - professional boxing - family shows - and college basketball; titled:

World-Class Sports and Entertainment is Back...In Brooklyn.

Ad - New York Daily News - Monday, March 5, 2012


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