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N.Y. Giants ~ Big Blue Bird Droppings

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Be Gone To Let Us Ponder This Monumental Failure.

Ninety-four yards doth fly the Seahawk the other way'eth.  How badly did the Giants suck'eth Sunday?  Let us count the ways.

The only thing that kept the Giants in this game in the first place was the Seahawks turning over the ball at the worst times; Seattle continually killing themselves with penalties; Jason Pierre-Paul, Osi Umenyiora, and a trio of timely blitzes.  Otherwise, by the time the game ended, the Seahawks made the field at Met-Life Stadium look like the bottom of a bird cage.  Outside of a booming day by punter Steve Weatherford, this game was a complete mess with Giant Bird Droppings everywhere!


The Giants troubles began shortly after kicking off to Seattle to start the game.  On their first possession, Seattle went no-huddle and Blue's Defense couldn't slow them down.  Two and a half minutes later, in spite of temporarily knocking Marshawn Lynch out of the game, the Seahawks were up 7-0 after an eighty yard drive.


Big Blue answered with what I thought was a pretty crafty drive called by Coach Gilbride.  Seven plays, eighty yards, and three and a half minutes later, Eli connected with TE-Jake Ballard on a twelve yard touchdown.


I thought - Chalk one up for Coach Gilbride for digging his Defensive Coordinator out of a hole.

Seattle stayed no huddle.  But JPP and Osi were figuring out ways to get closer to Tavaris Jackson now.  Then right on time, Osi got a hold of him on a speed rush for a sack inducing punt.  That sack by the way, places Umenyiora fourth all-time on the Giants career list.

The Giants got the ball back and three plays later, Eli fumbled under Seahawk pressure.  Seattle recovered on our eleven yard line. 

But here came Osi again.  After a tipped incompletion, Osi stripped forced a fumble making it N.Y. ball again at the Giants' thirteen yard line.  But in spite of being beneficiaries to a good break, all we could do was punt and give Seattle the ball back at our forty-seven yard line.

Big Blue's afternoon literally went downhill from this moment like a Mount St. Helen landslide.  On Seattle's first play from scrimmage, Marshawn Lynch rumbled down the right side for forty-seven yards down to the NYG one.  He might as well have scored.  One play and a yard later he was in for Seattle's second touchdown of the first quarter.


Meanwhile, the Giants running game was looking like it was rushing in a tar pit.  And when we punted to give Seattle their first possession of the second quarter, they stayed no huddle and proceeded to drive eighty-five yards on eleven plays.  Amazingly with first down and goal to go, Seattle fumbled again giving Blue the ball at the two.

To this point in the season, Eli had gone ninety-nine pass attempts without being intercepted.  Off Seattle's fumble and on pass-attempt number one-hundred, he lofted a dreadful -  Oooops! I didn't see the Safety -  pass that got intercepted.  That one was all on Eli.  But the Defense prevented any ramifications.  However, what had been true thus far was the Offense being futile after their opening drive. 

Then the Defense gave the Giants their biggest break of the half; an interception and the ball back at the Giants' own forty-seven yard line and 0:51 left on the clock.   Eli converted the turnover when he connected with Hakeem Nicks three times and the game tying touchdown.

14-14  Half-Time

The third quarter was just dumb-founding, highlighted by a Seattle Safety when they tackled D. J. Ware in the end zone.  That came from a blown assignment on the O-Line.  I know who, but I'm not into dissecting yet. 


Meanwhile, Osi was still doing his best to keep the game close with very timely sacks.  However the no huddle Seattle employed kept the Giants in trouble all game.  If it were not for Seattle consistently killing themselves with penalties and horrible turnovers, the Giants would have been done by now.

To start the fourth quarter and Seattle already at the Giants' twenty-eight yard line, Perry Fewell dialed up a dynamite and timely third down blitz package that held the Seahawks to a field goal.


They say luck is the residue of design.  Let's hope so.  Because when the Giants got the ball back after the field goal, they weren't just trying to avoid going three and out.  They faced a third down and thirteen from their own thirty-two.  Then with nothing opening up, Eli launched the quintessential Hail Mary pass into double-coverage.  With help of a Big Blue miracle, Victor Cruz found himself in possession of a tipped ball, then ran down the right sideline like he stole something - i.e., a touchdown.  The Giants followed that with a successful two point conversion.


But Victor Cruz gives.  And Victor Cruz takes as well.  We are learning there is a pattern developing here.  After the Giants held Seattle to a five-and-out, the Giants were facing their own three-and-out.  Cruz fumbled a reception which gave Seattle the ball at our twenty-five yard line.  After two incompletions, Perry Fewell dialed up another well timed blitz on third and ten to hold the Seahawks to a field goal.


The Giants then went on a Tight-End based, ten play seventy-seven yard drive but were held to a field goal with a little less than five minutes left in the game.


What happened next was absolutely incredulous.  The Seahawks were still in no huddle as they had been most of the game.  On a second and ten play from the Giants twenty-seven, Osi jumped offside and created a free play for Seattle.  But the Secondary completely blew coverage and lost the slot receiver leaving him WIDE OPEN!!!  ... for a touchdown.


Wait!  It gets worse.  The Giants started on their twenty with 2:37 left.  Two plays later, something happened to Chris Snee which forced him to leave the game.  On a second and ten, Eli rolled and lofted a pass that Victor Cruz made another great fingertip reception on.  Yet another pass to Cruz put the Giants at the Seattle five yard line.

A flag on the O-Line made it first and goal at the Seahawks' nine yard line.  On the next play, Eli's pass attempt was tipped by Victor Cruz who initially slipped on his route.  The ball was intercepted and returned for a ninety-four yard touchdown.

25-36   1:06 ~ 4th QTR

Another Eli Manning interception, and the Giants day was over.


My next post will cover how embarrassing this was and include all they deserve to have said.  But everything! my LAST POST!  ....applies.


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