Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th, 2001 ~ 2011

Till this day, I still find it difficult grouping together the right sequence of words that capture the full range of thoughts and emotions brought forth on that tragic day.  Nor do I care to try.  Because every person lost that day is deserving of so much more than I can convey with my paltry words and how it may have affected me.  For my part, there were two that day I will never hear from nor see again.  But to all who perished in that horrific event, I assure you, you'll never be forgotten.

To all the family members; immediate and extended; to their friends; and entire network of fine people they found favor with and kept in their hearts; my sincerest thoughts are always with you.

To our Emergency Responders; here in New York City; Washington; and Pennsylvania;  - (and yes, those brave people in the sky over Pennsylvania who went after their attackers are indeed First Responders also in my eyes) all of you, Thank You, and know you will always have our unyielding support and appreciation for what you've done and continue today.

To our Boys and Girls still in harms way; our Military Members and Armed Forces of the United States of America; as a Veteran; I say to you,  -  ALL THE WAY!  I eagerly await the day you all come Home!

From the Streets and by the People of New York City:

Today, the Freedom Tower rises.


Brought to you by your neighbors in New York.


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  1. Great stuff. The art will always be a reminder of what happened.


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