Thursday, September 22, 2011

N.Y. Giants ~ Off To Philly on Big Blue Crutches

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NEW YORK GIANTS FOOTBALL:  Latest Big Blue Injury Now Has Team Situation Bordering on Calamitous.

This is proving to be a back week for planning a revenge.

The Giants Have to be Leading the NFL in ACL Injuries; Don't They?   ...The Latest Seems Like the Bzillionth Player We've Lost to Injury for the Season!

When will it end?   No; not the season; - the injuries that have made themselves welcome in our locker room as if Crippling Injury personified, were issued a numbered jersey, pads, and a five year deal to intentionally decimate our team.  Regardless, make way for more incoming and get a bed ready for Domenik Hixon; the latest casualty of the Big Broken Blue Brigade.

Eli Manning has steadily watched wide receivers disappear before his eyes like hand fulls of Skittles in a school yard during recess.  Tight End; Kevin Boss is gone.  Steve Smith is gone.  Plaxico was mad Eli never visited him in the Halls of Shame so he plays for Rex now.  And after Sunday's game, Domenik Hixon is now gone.   If Mario Manningham isn't careful with his concussion symptoms, he'll be gone too.   Where's Ramses Barden?   Anyone hear from that PUP lately?   I don't even think we have anyone who calls himself a wide receiver on the practice squad.  Do we?  Devin Thomas...Thomas?  Is there still a Devin Thomas in the house?  Toomer?

So who's left?   Hakeem Nicks; Victor Cruz ; and.................Don't even give me that Brandon Stokely stuff!  Just don't.  I'm not listening to that.  I'd much rather see the rookie; Jerrel Jerrigan; get a shot.  And at this point, we might as well have Baby Huey at Tight End.  He's big, and at least he might get in some one's way on a Lombardi Style sweep play.

Domenik Hixon's injury was a change-up though.  Up until now, the Giants' Receiver problems and that which was lacking, could be pinned on Jerry Reese.  Injuries weren't quite the issue on the Offensive side of the ball, unlike the ruinous effects injuries have had on our Defense.  Terrell Thomas; Jonathan Goff; Bruce Johnson; Clint Sintim; Marvin Austin; and Brian Witherspoon; have all been lost for the season.  Then there are the Osi and Amukamara injuries we're hopeful they'll be returning shortly from.  And in Week One, Justin Tuck didn't play either.  All Defense.  So I'm almost giddy (an absurdity) that finally, an Offensive player is sharing in the pain...(as if...).     To make matters worse, this is the same injury that caused Domenik Hixon to miss the entire 2010 season.  This is the same predicament Jerry Reese was in over the Steven Smith deal; Risk Factor vs. Dollar Value ~ Red Flags vs. Commitment. 

What's old is new...again.  So, now what?

The Eagles and Cowboys have done their own stumbling to even keep this conversation relevant.  But this injury to Hixon changes things drastically for New York.  Eli already didn't have a reliable tight end and lacked a slot/third down receiver.  That latter role was looking like Hixon's until now.  So when we face the Eagles Sunday, all they have to do is occupy Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz with a max of three in coverage, which will allow them to flood the box against the run. 

As Eli will be forced to throw; see Eli get blitzed; often.  Then watch Eli get picked-off.  The only question that remains, is in who's direction will he be throwing?  That may be the ugliest aspect of it all.  If I'm successful at mind-melding with Coach Gilbride, look for Ahamad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs to get thrown into the uncomfortable position of having to catch a lot more balls coming out the backfield on swing passes; and in Bradshaw's case, scat patterns.

Otherwise, prepare yourself.  This could be ugly.  Eli has been looking jittery in the pocket; perhaps getting sacked/hit more than he's used to behind his new O-Line.  There's still a lot of trust that needs to be solidified between Eli and his new Center.  And we've already seen his full repertoire of under-thrown; over-thrown; misdirected; high; and intercepted passes in two short weeks.  You can bet the Eagles will blitz in waves.  The Giants can pick-up a blitz; their problem right now is they don't have any reliable check-down receivers.  And with our already existing third down conversion aversion syndrome gone full blown, what exactly will change about that, this week against the Eagles?

Maybe the Wish-Bone isn't such a bad idea after all.  But seeking revenge against the Eagles for last season's debacle, isn't looking like such a great idea right now.  That might have to wait.  And by the way, Michael Vick practiced today.

I'll have to think about this one.  So will  Kevin Gilbride. 

I'll have more to say before game time; a lot more.


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