Thursday, September 29, 2011

N.Y. Giants ~ Another Week for the Birds

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The Birds; Act II; Take One.

Once upon a time, a game against the Cardinals used to be an easier gig to figure out because they played in our division.  But since their move to Arizona, they've become just another flock of dirty Birds dropping on our schedule every so often.  Except for the time they popped in and out of the Super Bowl, I've come to treat the Cards like the NFL's lost and forgotten team.  I just hope the Giants don't make the same mistake and do the same.

This is no Trap game.  I can't stress that enough.

And it's certainly no time for the Defense to rest on their laurels after holding Michael Vick and the Eagles to 16 points last week.  The D-Line is still ailing as Justin Tuck's status seems more moment to moment now.  Osi is still far from playing games.  The D-Line just needs a return to health.  And the Secondary?  They need consistency.  Let's see Aaron Ross and the Secondary follow up last week's three-pick performance with an effective day against Fitzgerald and Co.  And let's see Antrel Rolle have one of those games players love to have against their former team.

Last week Michael Vick got harassed, but he also looked just plain off.   Some of his throws; even without getting hit; were horribly off course.   So I think that helped the Giants look a little better than they were.  Penalties also were killing us but Philly just rolled up a lot of yardage in the first half against us.   And while we did pick off Vick once, it was Philly's backup we took advantage of for two more picks.

The Eagles' LeSean McCoy ran circles around the Giants last week.  Little of that can be blamed on Michael Boley though.  In his case, one man's injury is another man's opportunity.  And Michael Boley has been solid since assuming a lead role after Jon Goff went down.  So, after a fine game last week, lets see if Michael Boley is capable of sustaining high play on a consistent level now.  Linebackers can make up for a lot of deficiencies on both the D-Line and in the Secondary.  The next few games are Boley's moments to seize.  This week, Kevin Kolb will pick on him.  Beanie Wells will be rushing at him.  And Larry Fitzgerald will be running by him.  Michael Boley's play is getting noticed lately.  And it just so happens, this upcoming game is tailor made for him to shine a little brighter.

Kevin Kolb?  He's looking sharp.  He's getting the chance in Arizona he wasn't given in Philadelphia due to the fore mentioned Michael Vick.  And, he only has one of the League's best receivers in Larry Fitzgerald.  Just saying.

The bottom line is, this whole game revolves around the Giants ability to remain consistent now.  A game like this Sunday afternoon can all too often end up being a tremendous let down.  After a big win in Philly last week, they can not let up.  A loss Sunday invites too many knee-jerk criticisms again; just when the Giants are beginning to quiet them.  They just can't take that step backwards.  The Cowboys and Eagles failed to establish themselves and the division sits up for grabs if the Giants play smartly Sunday and seize the moment against a team I think we should beat.


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