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The Hoops of Flatbush; THE BROOKLYN NETS

Kings County Cagers; thine name is: 

And since today was unofficially declared Name Day, if you're not familiar already, the Nets portion of TheBrooklynTrolleyBlogger; titled:

In a little over one year from today, the Kings County Cagers will open the doors to begin
 Basketball at Barclays; and they will officially do so, as


Photographed with permission;
Brooklyn Nets Jersey - Junior's Cafe at Flatbush Avenue

Get your Sharpies ready to mark your calendars.  The one year countdown has officially begun.  And as he begins to take on a more prominent role in the team's marketing and transitional stage, minority-share team owner Jay-Z made the announcement this morning himself.  After much speculation; scuttlebutt; and waste paper basket scavenger hunting for records of trade-mark filings..., the debate has been settled.  The team will brand it's Brooklyn home, and keep the organization's traditional name.  It's also now understood, the name was requested by Jay-Z himself.

Billboard; Flatbush Ave at Dean Street



Jay-Z made the official naming announcement this morning, while also unveiling the organization's plans to steal away some of the Knickerbocker fan base.  If you didn't catch page three of today's New York Post, do yourself a favor and go to for more comprehensive details of the Nets' plan to conquer not only on-the-fence Knick fans, but Wall Street also.  NetsDaily has been a good neighbor to me and has this ALL covered.  Check em out.

I offer you this.  -  Obviously, the Lock-Out has changed everything across the NBA landscape; even down to what signs the Nets have been posting around town.  The billboard pictured above featuring Jay-Z was rolled out a little prematurely by the Nets because due to the Lock-Out, teams were no longer allowed to use player representations in a team capacity.  Hence, the Deron Williams campaign was shelved.

Now, high above Flatbush Avenue, positioned directly across the street from Barclays Center between 5th Avenue and Pacific Street, is a glimpse into the next stage of Nets' marketing.  The new signage is a radical departure from the last ad-campaign featuring Deron Williams, and Jay-Z, with an artist rendering of a completed Barclays Center in the background.

You know what they say; black is never out of style.  And so, boldly, with big white all-cap lettering, WELCOME TO BROOKLYN remains the theme.  But now the question is asked:


Vague; isn't it?  The bottom line gives their netsbasketball  tumblr/facebook/twitter accounts.

So I'll quote Rich Calder's article from today's N.Y. Post pictured above:
Net CEO Bret Yormark said:  "Jay-Z will be the face of the team's fourth-quarter campaign" to sell 4,400 "All Access" premium seats at the rapidly rising 18,000 seat arena.

There ya go.  Want All Access?  I'm sure it will cost a pretty penny.  No wonder they're trying to attract the Wall Street types.  And if that's sarcasm you sense, that's because I sense it too.  I digress.  For me, things of that nature are for another day.  I will consider the ramifications to my disposable income when I come to that proverbial (Brooklyn) bridge some time in the near future.  But not now; not today.

All things are well in this respect; I think we (area fans and interested Brooklynites alike) are on the ground floor of history.  And with every development; any development really; that brings closer the day Brooklyn makes it's return to major league sports, I'm contented.  I've said many times in this blog, if you're a big fan, don't wait around for someone else to write this story for you.  It's here; you're here; it's happening; get close to it and write your own story.  Then..., pass it down.  That's how you start a tradition....(again).

I've also said, the Brooklyn brand; and now that's it's official; the Brooklyn Nets brand and jersey, will soon be one of the hottest selling items with respect to NBA properties.  Period!  And with the right player; Theee Hottest.  I stand by that.  And you may not get the sense now.  But I assure you, players will want to play here.  They will come and speak of the Borough and the jersey in that order.  You will see.  And I stand by that also.

Speaking of being on the ground floor, I had good fortune (and reason) to be inside the footprint of Barclays Center construction site last week.  While there, I managed to snap a few shots of the on-going construction of the Brooklyn Nets' new home.

As far as the Lock-Out, the two parties are supposed to meet again Tuesday.  The NBA Office has already cancelled a portion of the exhibition schedule.  And the consensus says, there's no deal in sight.

...Just another day in the neighborhood.


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