Sunday, April 03, 2011

N.Y. RANGERS ~ Broadway Blueshirts Down To Final Four Shows


Eastern Conference Showdown
8th Place ~ 41-32-5 ~ 87 Points
Philadelphia Flyers
2nd Place ~ 46-22-10 ~ 102 points

at Philly

NEW YORK RANGERS:  March Was Maddening.  But The Show Must Go On.

One point - it's the only thing that separates the Blueshirts from being in control of their own destiny; being in or out of the playoff race; and being in the cross hairs of their fan's ire.  They may yet become Broadway's biggest comedy hit of the season, but it's not going down as sensationally with their fans who find nothing funny about the piano falling out of the sky called the New York Rangers.

The Islanders couldn't do to Carolina last night what they did to us last Thursday.  Last week's games against Buffalo and Long Island are two games that will haunt us all summer if the Rangers continue to fall out of the sky.  The Islanders loss to the Hurricanes last night should serve to teach the Rangers one thing; they had better police themselves and take care of their own business and it starts today in Philadelphia.  There will be no outside help for us.  This is our situation and our situation only to make Black or Blue.

It was the game against the Philadelphia Flyers at MSG back on March 6th; a 7-0 drubbing of the Bullies, that started a Ranger run that had us all thinking they were coming together as a formidable team down the stretch and heading into the playoffs.

Then someone started playing with the switches back stage and blew-out a couple of fuses.  And now the lights are in peril of going out on this Broadway show all together.  This comedy; tragedy or whatever type show you chose to call it appears doomed.  Either way, the review won't be pretty if they don't get their act together during the final four performances of the season.

But I will say this in their defense.  Over and over again, this season, the Rangers have consistently bounced back from dire situations before.  We really have no reason to believe why they can't regain a grip on their situation other than the historical record that we beat ourselves over the head with.  They seem to play up to the better teams.  Hopefully they stay true to the trend.  There's always the option of living in the moment.  We've been here in the past and here we are again.  The choice is ours to make.  Do we give a newer cast of Rangers a chance to redeem themselves and invest ourselves in an effort to grind forward again?  The Rangers will answer that today.  But I'd be careful where you walk because the piano might touch ground at any moment now.

Look every sense of the word.

The Final Four

@ Philadelphia


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