Monday, April 11, 2011


From the desk of:  Head-Butting Mr. Met


...And they say fans are the ones who are too knee-jerky and filled with incoherent thoughts.

I arrived home late tonight and got right to watching the Mets' 7-6 loss against the Rockies.  I was unsuccessfully pondering how to summarize the first ten game bloc of the season.  Suffering "blockage" I got pretty intensive into Twitter during the game.

During tonight's Mets' game, a certain local sports TV show; via Twitter, hit the enter button on a somewhat disparaging remark regarding Mets' catcher; Josh Thole.  A Twitter friend and I were among some who took "said Local TV Sports Show" to task for what they "Tweeted". 

The Local TV Sports Show "Twitter-er" subsequently deleted the Tweet.

The Tweet?

"Josh Thole = spring training stud, regular season dud."

C'mon guys!  Don't you know you can't delete anything from Twitter?  We still have the Tweet!

Let's face it, you got way too cute and lost your professional bearing, didn't ya?  Yes you did!  That's why you deleted the Tweet.  You starting rattling off some provocative Tweets and you launched one too many; one you regretted.

You messed up and got burned.

Bad local TV sports show's designated Tweeter!  Bad Tweeter indeed.  Shame on you.

File this one under:  Train Wreck.

...and thank you for giving me something to talk about on a short night.


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