Thursday, April 21, 2011

N.Y. GIANTS FOOTBALL ~ 2011 Season Schedule

2011 NFL Regular Season Schedule

WIN.....Week 1 ~ @ Washington
WIN.....Week 2 ~ ST. LOUIS
LOSS....Week 3 ~ @ Philadelphia
WIN......Week 4 ~ @ Arizona
WIN.....Week 5 ~ SEATTLE
WIN.....Week 6 ~ BUFFALO
Week 7 ~ Bye
WIN......Week 8 ~ MIAMI
LOSS.....Week 9 ~ @ New England
WIN......Week 10 ~ @ San Francisco
LOSS.....Week 12 ~ @ New Orleans
LOSS.....Week 13 ~ GREEN BAY
WIN......Week 14 ~ @ Dallas
WIN......Week 15 ~ WASHINGTON
WIN......Week 16 ~ @ N.Y. JETS
WIN......Week 17 ~ DALLAS

**Early Regular Season Prediction;  12-4  +/-  One Win

Giants play the AFC East this season.

The first three weeks of the season will be spent locally.  The Giants open on the road in Washington.  Opening Day takes place the following week versus St. Louis.  Then we take another quick trip down to Philadelphia.  Their first lengthy plane trip won't be till Week 4 when they go to Arizona.

Starting with Week 5 against Seattle, the Giants will spend the following four weeks at home.  In Week 6, Buffalo visits followed by a Bye in Week 7.  They'll end their home-stand with Week 8 against Miami.

What comes next, is their most hectic travel portion of their schedule.  A short trip to New England for Week 9 is followed by the Giants longest trip of the season when they go to San Francisco in Week 10.  Then it's back home to play Philadelphia and a trip to New Orleans in Weeks 11 and 12.

In Week 13 the Giants will host Green Bay and take off for Dallas the following week.

Technically, the Giants will end the regular season with their last three games at home.  In Week 15 they will host Washington.  Because the Giants play the AFC East this season, the Giants and Jets will play in Week 16 only the Jets will be the home team and the Giants the road team.

The final game of the season will be against Dallas.

The two long distance flights the Giants must take to Arizona and San Francisco are spaced comfortably apart.  Overall, I'd say this is a very favorable schedule for the G-Men.

...That's if we have a season. 

Let's just hope they figure out how to split billions of dollars before Kick-Off 2011.


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