Thursday, April 07, 2011

FILMING IN BROOKLYN ~ Movie Sets and Props


Look at this Ol' Gal....Ain't she a beauty?!
I took these pictures on Clinton Avenue in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn.

This beautiful old machine is being used as a prop in


I have no idea! 
But all I can tell you is remember you saw this horse when you go see

...once they finish filming , that is.

The New York State National Guard Armory on Marcy and Harrison Avenues are where film crews, sets, mobile living rooms, an infinite supply of orange traffic cones, buffet trucks, and all that other stuff have been headquartered while filming on the next installment of Men In Black has been proceeding along in Brooklyn.  Production is in full swing as sets are becoming more noticeable on the streets.

Here's one set I encountered today at Hooper Street and Broadway, under the El.

After watching this horse feed on some hay..., it put an idea in my head to grab a salad with grilled chicken for lunch.  People walking by were more interested in the horse than they were trying to get a glimpse of an actor on set.  On the street, I'll be honest, most people don't really care.  These movie shoots just cause traffic and take up parking spaces.  I was one of them, I could care less about actors.  Yes, I'm one of those.  I don't do Pop Culture.  Taking pictures interests me and being able to say I saw this today interests me.  And I do think it's good for the city and Brooklyn economically.  I'll even go see the movie. 

But I'll take it a step further to let you know how bad I am.  If you ask me to name an actor in their twenties, fuhgeddaboudit.  That's not happening.  Classify this as stuff I really didn't need to bore you with.  But it's helping me ignore Mike Pelfrey's game for the Mets today;  ~ What a Total Fail.

But I'm glad stuff like this happens in Brooklyn.


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