Sunday, January 16, 2011

N.Y.R. ~ The Flyers, Kids, Black-Eyes, and Candy

NEW YORK RANGERS:  OK Boys, Now It's Really Time For Your NHL Initiations!

But first, this:
For the first two periods last night, the Rangers simply fell apart.  The water pump blew; the alternator went; a tire fell off and the right turn blinker wouldn't shut-off.  For the last period against Montreal last night, they pulled it all together and played exceptionally well.  Deservedly, they lost the game two periods to one and had to drive that clunker all the way home from the Great White North. 

The actual 3-2 score is really inconsequential to the unravelling of this team over the first forty minutes.  The Rangers had the Brain-Lock engaged and even Henrik Lundqvist felt infuriated enough to go after....somebody; anybody for getting crashed into.  That fact Henrik felt compelled to go after someone speaks volumes about the dearth of players on this team that won't....  Where's Colton Orr when you need him?



Philadelphia Flyers
The Broad Street Bullies
1st Place ~ Atlantic Division ~ 28-11-5;  61 Points


The Broadway Blueshirts
3rd Place ~ Atlantic Division ~ 26-17-3;  55 points


  Blueshirts Must Go From BOYS TO MEN Tonight!
  This may get ugly for kids, Our Boys, Parents, fans, and the RANGERS.

So, here's the deal.  The Rangers host the Broad Street Bullies tonight at the Garden.  This isn't the Vancouver Canucks who look all pretty skating around doing what they do.  Twenty-year olds can skate too.  And if enough of them skate well together, the Rangers proved you can beat Vancouver at their own game.

The Flyers however, for decades, look upon a young group like the Rangers and think Lunch Money!  This is the Philadelphia Team boys, and they like to welcome newbies into the NHL the Hard Way.  They'll mug you, kick you and beat you.  They'll hit you when you're down and even hit a kid with glasses.  They'll punk you, embarrass you, humiliate you and laugh at you.

Boys, there's a bunch of angry, ugly men holding hockey sticks and they're headed your way.  It's time to grow up and fight the first of many battles against your division nemesis.  Ultimately, the road to Lord Stanley's Cup goes through them.  I told you the other day not to shave.  Not that it will help, but it may hide a future scar after tonight.  Maybe you should put a band-aid on your cheeks now?  For effect, get a Sharpie and color in angry teeth onto your mouthpieces.  The Flyers don't welcome people into the neighborhood by baking them cakes and ringing your doorbell.  With them it's more like waking up after getting your bell rung and finding your door busted-in.

If this doesn't sound like fun...try this one.  With tomorrow's MLK Holiday, Sunday home games and tonight in particular, is Kid's Night.  No school tomorrow!  Whooop-Peee!

The Flyers, beer, rowdy fans, bad Refs and Linesmen, beer, kids running all over the place, beer, parents with unrealistic expectations for other people's behavior at a Hockey game...(did I say that?) and beer,  etc etc.. makes for an all-around weird night at the Garden.

I'll be there.  Look for the Greschner jersey!  But I don't know how much fun I'll be having.

If I wasn't cranky enough already, tonight's game totally interferes with my ability to watch the Jets' game.


Tonight aught to be a very interesting, if not frustrating night of Hockey.  Man - I hate the Flyers!

Help us Obi-Wan SEAN AVERY; You're our only hope!

Sean Avery, The Flyers and Kids Night....What a bad mix!    LOL.  If Coach Torts would just give him more minutes.  C'mon Coach!



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