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N.Y. JETS; REX vs BELICHICK III - It's Personal

- Rex Ryan

NEW YORK JETS:  May I please have 10,000 marbles?

Coach Rex Ryan stepped up to the podium and yelled,


And with that, Coach REX Blutarsky had the press, dressed in their TOGA best, all writhing on the floor in Bacchic ecstasy over the possibilities of the next day's headlines.  After the Colt's victory, Coach Blutarsky is starting to get...

A Little Bit Louder Now...
A Little Bit Louder Now...
A Little Bit Louder Now...

Coach said "This Game Was Personal!"

He said this game was a showdown between him and Bill Belichick.  He's talked last year about not kissing up to Belichick's rings.  He said he was ready to get back out on the field and do it again right after they got mugged in the Jets last trip to Foxboro.  But this time, the Big Guy just flat, called him out.  As if we were all 14 years old, I think Coach Rex just called him out for a fight in the school yard.

Marmalard !  Dead!!
Niedermeyer!  Dead!!

This time, Coach Blutarsky, is going after Dean Wormer himself, Bill Belichick.

"Oh BOY!!  This is Great!"

Remember those two cheerleaders sitting on the bleachers?  Coach Rex Blutarsky stole their Pom-Poms in addition to a cheap peek, and has been waving them in Tom Brady's and Bill Belichick's faces for two weeks now.  That would even tick me off.  There's no doubt it's by design.

For Coach Bluto, it's hard to say if seven years of college are going down the drain just yet.  We've seen what these Green hedonists can do.  We've seen what they're capable of.

And now these "Buncha Morons" just figured out they don't have to be smarter than the boys at Preppy House from Boston, they just need to be stronger and more dastardly for a day.

The way Coach REX Blutasrky was talking about a grudge match with DEAN Belichick made JETS' fans listening to the press conference...

Just Made 'Em Wanna Shout!
Throw their hands up and Shout!

Meanwhile, Back With The Old HC of the NYJ:

Coach Belichick has instituted a strict Gag-Order on his team heading into Sunday's encounter with the Jets. 
The Patriot players will still be thrown microphones in their faces while cameras flick, scribes scribble, recorders record, writers write, and cameras roll, between now and Sunday's game.  But you're not going to get anything out of them except for cliche' flavored Oatmeal and pre-scripted dry white toast.

Bill was never big on talking.  He didn't even like talking to Bill Parcells way back in their Giants days together.  But today, when he speaks Football, it would behoove you to be listening.  And when he addresses his team, it's usually a one-way conversation.  So when he tells the team to shut-up, they better be shutting-up.  There's no grey area with Bill.  There never was.  Disobey his dictates and you will be cut or traded; post haste.  That's why all he ever has standing around him is a TEAM filled with THE WILLING.  And it wins them games.  Then it makes them want to go through walls for him.

As a Coach, Bill Belichick has reverse-engineered the Pigskin Universe.  He's the Simon Bar Sinister of Football.  He laughs, jeers, toys and tinkers with the laws and physics of the game within the confines of his office.  He's been doing it since he's a kid in his room.  As an infant, he pooped football shaped pellets.  But when it comes to interacting with the League and the game itself, He Don't Play!  No, with him, the game is a very serious matter.  Belichick's pleasure is derived about in a most "cleats-in-the-grass" kinda way.

Don't kid yourself.  He smiles....On the sidelines.  That's where he is most relaxed and if you look even closer, it looks at times as if he's actually having fun.  Remember the last time these teams met, late, with the Patriots well in command of the game, Coach Belichick assembled his team on the sidelines to send them and the Jets an updated message.  That right there is Belichick Time.

No one understands this better, and appreciates the genius of his message and how he likes to deliver it better than Tom Brady.  From the day Bill Belichick drafted him and told Drew Bledsoe to beat it, they have been soul-mates since.  They share a brain.  I see exactly what Rex Ryan was talking about when he compared the preparation of Peyton Manning versus that of Brady.  Rex was saying Manning is more self made and Brady is partly a Belichick creation.  It's fair.  If I was Rex I might have thrown in an Adam Vinatieri jab in there while I was at it too just for more giggles.

Tom Brady said himself after that last game, a major difference in his effectiveness came when Bill Belichick was able to escape long enough from his Defensive renovation, and sit with Brady like they used to and break things down together; key word being...together.  With an extra week of preparation on their hands because of their Bye, they may very well be coming into Sunday's game thinking as One...again.

So, if I was a reporter/beat writer, I'd be asking how much sit-down-time he's had with his Head Coach over the last 9 days?  That will tell (me) a lot.  The last time these teams played Tom Brady ripped the Jets apart staying underneath, all game long.  He did not have a pass beyond 20 yards all night and just about everyone from Foxborough to Brockton caught a Brady pass.

This is what we know about Bill Belichick; with any extended period of time to prepare for an opponent, he's lethal.  Game planning to him is like Lego in the hands of an architectural savant.  When Coach Belichick blows his nose, defensive genius comes out.  Food and sleep are more inconvenient to him than Rex Ryan can ever be.

In my fantasy........Would it surprise anyone if, for this game, Coach Belichick paced the sidelines dressed not in his customary sweats and cut-sleeve hoodie, but in a Trench Coat, scarf, and Fedora?  That would be sick!? - But extremely unlikely.  But think of it....the ultimate (R)EXtention of disrespect for his opponent and respect for one of the All-Time Greatest coaches in history.

*sigh*  If only life were that "fun" in the No Fun League.

But Rex said he doesn't want or need to be better than Bill Belichick.  He just needs to be better than Bill Belichick this Sunday.  Rex..., he has a different way of getting his guys to go through a wall for him.  It really is a study in two Coaches who've achieved the same type of devotion from their players.

But Rex knows this game is going to take smarts, like the smarts he designed against the Colts.  Rex said he admired Peyton for breaking out old 1985 Chicago Bears film.  Then Coach Rex turned around and confounded Indianapolis and Peyton with a scheme right out of the modern day Bears' playbook; by not blitzing and inviting him to run the ball.  It really was a brilliant tactic and so ironic if you're Peyton Manning but oh so sweet to Rex.

So, If you're Rex Ryan, how can you not be dancing in your underwear in front of the mirror, singing and shaking-it while doing the SUPER BOWL SHUFFLE?

Or was that the ALLIGATOR?  No, that was Coach Blutarsky.  Sorry.

"it wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor!"


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