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N.Y.  J-E-T-S:  "Those were just blanks...Right?"

Coach Rex BLUTARSKY  looked at FLOUNDER (Nick Folk) and reminded him, "You really hate that Horse, don't you?...Then, go in there and do it!" 

But we all knew it was Rex who hated that damn nag more.  He's been having to deal with that stuff coming out of it's posterior for some time now; since Rex was at Baltimore.  Coach would have loved nothing more than to send this old Colt to the glue factory with one big kick.

Then..., while Coach Blutarsky was giggling his own posterior off, the COLTS fell to the JETS with a resounding thud; as if a Horse had fallen in an office.  Yep!  In another utterly stupid gesture by Coach REX Blutarsky's "independents" on just another Saturday Night of mayhemthey caused something that went terribly wrong for Indianapolis' beloved "Precious" the COLT.

But absolutely no-one is going to believe IT had a heart attack!   Just like there was no way Rex was going to stun Peyton without a Blitz.  Whatever!  You still better get a chain-saw over to Peyton's Office because Coach REX Blutarsky's crazy bastards actually killed Niedermeyer's Horse. 

Coach Rex, Schotty, and Sanchez were all last seen running out of INDY's Lucas Oil Field laughing their asses off on their way to New England?

That's right!  ROAD TRIP!

NEW YORK JETS:  Didn't we see that before?

Is this the Jets team that took advantage of Stupid Coach Tricks earlier in the regular season, and mounted comeback victories with second chances and last ditch efforts against Detroit, Cleveland and Houston?  Coach Caldwell of the Colts would have some thinking that.

You could say that too.  After-all, his bone-headed Time-Out allowed the Jets to get a little closer for Nick Folk's field goal attempt.  Instead of a 48 yard attempt,  Folk needed to kick home a 32 yard attempt.

But that's not what I'm thinking.

Mark Sanchez?  Is his shoulder still hurting or was he just that bad in the first half?  Wait; except for THREE to five passes, he WAS bad.  And the interception was worse.

That's not what I'm thinking either.  But here's a quick random thought:  Adam Vinatieri outscored Peyton Manning.  LOL.

I Choose To View The JETS Victory This Way:

This is what I said in the last paragraph of MY PREVIEW,
"So, the bottom line here is Rex has to design something Peyton isn't used to seeing. What? I have no idea. I'm not talking about re-inventing the wheel. I'm just asking for what good coaches do, which is out-coach other coaches. That is something Coach REX hasn't always done."
...And that's exactly what the Big Guy did.  He coached a better game because for one, he made the biggest half-time adjustment of his whole career by demanding the Jets POUND the ball in the second half behind a very rambunctious and game Offensive Line.

I said they shouldn't rely on Mark Sanchez winning it for them, instead they should dictate the game with the run for as long as the Colts proved they couldn't stop it.  And I didn't think they could.  Even LaDainian Tomlinson gave Jet fans a little flash of LT.  But make no mistake, for as forceful a performance as they and the Offensive Line had, Mark Sanchez was still indeed clutch down the stretch and made a nifty final "call".  Braylon Edwards?  Check.

But this is why I'm not buying the Jets are lucky Jive.  Because this Offensive Line IS good and this team can be dominating with the run.  LT still has something left for this year's run and Shonn Greene has shown himself capable of carrying a load.

The Jets just didn't adjust and turn to the running game in the second half; they imposed it.

Second and most importantly, Coach Rex came up with a scheme that had Peyton Manning befuddled all night long.  Give that man some credit!  By manipulating his 11 men on Defense, he created one big mess for Manning...and did it all without Blitzing.  You can try and cheapen what REX devised for Peyton Saturday night by saying Manning is his own worst enemy because he thinks too much or point to his 9-10(?) playoff record.  Even I was saying nothing came easy to Peyton and the Colts this season.

But...,C'mon.  Don't go there.

Coach Rex out-thunk the Colt!  The Defense made it all happen with Rex's plan.

Last Word before we send the Colts off to the Glue Factory:

There's alot of things about this game we can delve into like Antonio Cromartie, Kick Returns and Special Teams...and Brodney Poole having a good ol' time tackling people.  There's enough good will for everybody.

But for a second, forget the exchange of field goals and the things that went wrong during the game and everything else we can talk about concerning this team.  I just want to point out this game was perhaps the most representative of the team Rex has always talked about, but we never quite got to see.

He himself said it best when he said he's through trying to fool people.  From now on he's just gonna line up and try to beat you.  There-in lies your glimpse into the up-coming game against New England and why it will be very different from last time.

He already started shaking his Pom-Poms at Brady and Belichick...(again). 

Can he shake up the Patriots this time too?


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