Sunday, January 23, 2011

N.Y. JETS ~ One Last Mission For a Date With Glory

Let The Pigeons Loose!!

It's time to swing open the Hangar doors and take to the skies again.

REX Squadron has one more mission to fly before they reach the mythical skies over the MotherLand. 

The shock waves left behind in the wake of Big GREEN's Bomber runs over Indianapolis and New England will pall in comparison to the kind of fury they'll need to rain down upon Pittsburgh later today. 

Pittsburgh is well fortified.  Those good folks out there are unflappable and won't run when hit like the fans in Foxborough did when they realized the Jets meant business.  The Steel City was built by hard working people and calloused hands and they'll be damned if they'll let anyone drop anything on it without exacting their own methods of JETStruction.  They have six Lombardi Trophies to reflect and focus the sun into the eyes of the JETS Fly-boys overhead, - blinding their attack and ruining their planned offensive.  They feel confident they have everything they need to intercept Rex's formations of Big GREEN Belching Bombers and sending them earthbound.

But nothing is a fly-by with Rex's Jets.  They're Bodacious; Fearless; and Reckless!    He rolls down the runway with a one-way trip mentality, because he sells out every time he leads his Boys on another danger mission for Glory..  That's Coach Rex at his most dangerous; when he thinks the best chance he has of getting back home is by flying straight towards the enemy guns and bombing them. 

When you're in a Clash against Destiny, you need really tough and thick Pigskin, but you really need  footBalls that big!

If you haven't come around to giving Coach Rex his respect for brilliantly matriculating his team through two playoff games against current day legends, it means you're still caught up and against his blustery manner and many boasts.  It also means he has you right where he wants you....again.  You're either filled with emotion for want of knocking his block off or you're underestimating him again!  Either way, Rex has made everyone pay dearly for such an oversight and clouding of judgement.

Rex and Stealth are two words that will never again be in the same sentence after reading it here.  Rex can be detected from miles away.  All you need to do is listen.  He's the unshaven guy with mustard stains on his Bomber Jacket and a big rotten cigar hanging out of his mouth.  He drops leaflets from the sky and tells you he's coming.  He yells from the cockpit window with a bullhorn announcing Big Daddy is Home and he brought dinner!  He comes in the day so you can see him, then strikes in the night only because it heightens the fear.  He's such a tease that way.  But there is no stealth with REX.  His Bombers are too Big, too GREEN, too loud and belching, and in too much of a hurry to get to the Super Bowl, because Tannenbaum built a one year wonder that's running out of gas (there is no defense against free-agency...and that's a different matter).  That's why this is such a desperate matter to Coach Rex, and it's why he tries to will his team through the last mile.

And this IS a desperate matter for the Jets.  I'm not sure the Pittsburgh scribes see this game, That Way, concerning their team.  But for Rex, this is MISSION CRITICAL. 

If today's conflict wasn't cloaked by colorful uniforms, covered by TV,  protected under the guise of a sporting event, and sanctioned by mankind's subconscious human nature to exert dominance upon each other, today's action would be considered public rioting with mass arrests being made.  No where else in American society are so many people allowed to come together and be asked to participate in group violence against each other than on an NFL field and still keep the environs safe enough for people to congregate around and enjoy the spectacle of savagery.  Today Rome is a football field; the football players - Gladiators.  But Rex, a Coach, is the biggest one of them all.  He's the one the crowds are screaming for the most.

The Jets most certainly deserve to be playing in this game, but they needed to get here to justify all their bravado.  It's the only thing Coach Rex said mattered.  It's so ironic everything they've achieved to this point in the season matters NOT, now.  This was the diving board from which they needed to leap-off from.  But they went through hell just to get this chance and now no one is going to care what it took to get here.  All that matters now is this game.  Winning today is the only way REX, Tannenbaum, and the Jets can take a step forward without falling flat on their face because that's the way they set themselves up.  With success come expectations.  That's what you get for a repeat appearance in the AFC Championship Game.  Nothing!

Getting back to this game was a monumental task in itself.  Now they must come up with a Herculean effort to just stay alive and play one more day.  There is no such thing as a reward for winning last week except for the right to destroy your body for another week in the dead of winter's cold grip.  There will be no recognition or acknowledgment you were ever here today without a victory.

So for Rex and his's back to the skies! 

Fly!  Boys!  Fly!   Fly like the wind and Blot out the Sky!  True Glory is still a game away.  One more successful mission is all that separates you from your chance to gain that Glory. 

May your skies be GREEN with JETS and victory be yours.

Dinner will be kept warm for you back at the Hangar.


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