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N.Y. GIANTS ~ End Of Season - PART II


"Finish 2010 Season, Ten and SICK"

* Coach Tom Coughlin
* Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride
* QB Coach Mike Sullivan
* Running Backs Coach Jerald Ingram




Shortly after the Giants win over the Redskins Sunday, Perry Fewell's name came up as someone meriting an interview as a potential Head Coaching Candidate.  I myself do not see him being a Head Coach...yet.  Apparently the Browns might though.  And that's fine with me.  Fortunately for Fewell, Gilbride and our inability to gain ONE FIRST DOWN against Philly still dominates my nightmares BUT the fact we gave up a million points in 8 minutes then a million more the very next game to Aaron Rodgers, when those two games represented our most important games of the year still really rubs me the wrong way.

There was a time this season when it rubbed Coach Coughlin the wrong way also; against Dallas.., and our Head Coach let his displeasure with his Coordinator be known right on the sideline.

If JOHN FOX will come back to be our Defensive Coordinator whether Perry Fewell gets the Browns job or not, make the switch now while John Fox is an unrestricted free agent coach.

Outside of that!....I am not too cool about more disruption and having to break-in yet another Defensive Cord.  You do something like that for the right guy; like Fox.  Otherwise, Perry Fewell is good enough to proceed into next season with.

Perry Fewell is clearly much more dynamic in his Defensive Schemes than Bill Sheridan, the Coordinator he replaced was.  In that respect the Giants improved tremendously;  Exponentially even.

But let's be clear...; He is not as good as Coach Spagnuolo was even with a healthy Kenny Phillips, JPP, and Terrell Thomas.  Perry Fewell's Defense was lacking at Linebacker where-as Coach Spags had Antonio Pierce.  But know this and know it well....Coach Spags turned a virtual no-body into a Linebacking Crazed Animal with how Coach Spags deployed Kawika Mitchell.  Perry Fewell has done no such thing.  Antrel Rolle blew into the locker room and criticized te team early in the season.  Justin Tuck took matters into his own hands by speaking up and playing well.  But those two men were self motivated to do the things they did.  What player has Perry Fewell remolded to better fit the needs of his schemes?

You would probably pick one of the Safety's;  -   Deon Grant, Rolle or Phillips due to Jerry Reese leaving the Linebacker Corps as our Defensive soft white under-belly.  Phillips already was highly touted by the organization.  Antrel Rolle was already...Antrel Rolle.  So that leaves Deon Grant as the Perry Fewell trophy Kid.  Deon Grant was an NFL nomad just like Kawika Mitchell was.  But if you compare the "projects" - where Fewell barely buffed out a shine from Grant, Coach Spags had Mitchell shining bright and making big plays for him and the Giants.

Spags did with two linebackers what Perry Fewell could not do with three Safety sets;  CLOSE OUT GAMES!  If you want to put that on Jerry Reese and not Perry Fewell, that's fair.

But there are 8 games for sure we can point to where-in the Secondary looked amateurish.  That's half your schedule.  They have consistently given up The Huge Play.  Start back with Week Two and the Colts, followed by their imitation of Swiss Cheese against TENN.  Dallas really drubbed us twice and tore-up our Secondary.  The Jags did it for a while.  PHILLY did it, and Green Bay really really did it.  Washington almost did it to us in the end too.  What is a little mind boggling is that Perry Fewell used to be Tom Coughlin's Secondary Coach back in JAX for 5 years.  The Secondary is supposed to be his forte'...!  That's why he upsets me.  He failed at the very aspect of his expertise.  It's like Vince Lombardi's Packers not being able to execute a Sweep-Left Play.

And for that reason, Perry Fewell's Corner-Backs Coach and his Safety Coach are off the hook.

Jerry Reese will be getting my crap in-lieu of the Line-Backer Coach where they're concerned.  And that's a biggie!

The Front Four pretty much did their job this year, to include the emergence of Jason Pierre Paul.  The Blitz-Packages were not as well disguised as with Spags, but they were effective none the less.



Tom Quinn has been in charge of the Special Teams Unit since 2007, our Super Bowl year.  It remained a respectable Unit for that one moment ONLY when he first took over.  It's just gotten progressively worse all the way through to last Sunday.  Quinn was hired when Mike Sweatman retired at the conclusion of the 2006 season.  From the second he took over, Special teams have been a complete nightmare for the Giants.  For Tom Quinn, after "Jeff" and "Feagles", there are no two other combinations of  kind-sounding words I can use to describe the job he's done.

To describe what an unmitigated failure he has been in this capacity is beyond my vocabulary.

Forget Matt Dodge..., No really, forget Matt Dodge!  Blame Quinn because he'd ruin Matt Bahr if given the chance.  He'd make Ray Guy break out in hives.  But this isn't about the Punter.

The Kick-Off coverage was horrendous all year long.  The Punt coverage was horrendous all year long.
The New York Giants lost the Battle of Field Position on every front as long as the Kicking game was involved.

Against Philadelphia, Tom Coughlin told his Special Teams Coach to be looking and be prepared for an On-Side kick.


Once Coach Coughlin noticed he didn't have his "HANDS" personnel on the field, he himself could have interceded.


Tom Quinn sent out a normal front-5 formation and they were all running back for blocking, assuming Philly would Kick-Off.  Without Tom Coughlin in the picture, as a Special Teams Coach, you MUST be living for that moment.  Everyone in the Milky Way knew Philly was forced to attempt an On-Side.  This play has already been regurgitated over and over again.  But because Tom Quinn is so bad at what he's been assigned to do, we never get that nasty taste out of our mouths.

Tom Quinn and his Special Teams Plague must be eradicated from Giants Football...post-haste!

A derisive dissertation of Tom Quinn can theoretically go on all night.  That's why I shall end this now.

* The Offensive Line
* GM Jerry Reese and the Players


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