Wednesday, January 19, 2011

N.J. NETS ~ Prokhorov Pulls Plug on 'Melo Trade

New Jersey Nets:  The Owner Has Spoken!

New Jersey Nets' majority owner Mikhail Prokhorov considers the Carmelo Anthony trade proposal and overall Drama, over.  He is withdrawing the team's interest in the Forward because he is not pleased with the way trade negotiations were played out in public.., not to mention the cost was spiraling towards ridiculous...if you ask me.  And Prokhorov said as much.

Upon Prokhorov's arrival on the scene, one of his earliest observations he shared with inquisitive minds was how Star Driven the NBA was; about how it was the players who dictated their affairs upon the League owners.  As a businessman, he knows the evils of such a business model.  It's going to be interesting to see how he reconciles this fact into his Basketball Club's operation and how this bounces off against his own business acumen that begot a fortune for him..  Will he eventually acquiesce to the Player Driven System or will he be defiant and unveil a different manner of competing in the NBA?  Hmmm.

But back to the 'Melo trade, who should be surprised by this move?  Number one; I think it's clear Carmelo Anthony does not want to be a Net.  I think this became all too evident even before he and the Nets got a chance to sit down for dinner together.  Carmelo will become a free agent whether or not he is traded otherwise he would have signed the extension with Denver.  You can't blame Prokhorov for taking this tact one bit.

Losing out on the Number One Pick during The NBA Draft Show was just the beginning in a series of let-downs the Nets have suffered since Mikhail Prokhorov took over as Majority Owner.  I still say the biggest blow came when Rod Thorn resigned as General Manager of the Nets.  Then there was the Courtship of LeBron that had everyone involved feeling used.

Not willing to have the Nets public image resemble one that would repeatedly stumble over it's own feet for the chance to acquire a star, I guess Mr. Prokhorov is saying NYET to 'Melo and telling his Front Office, No more floundering around and looking desperate!

I think one thing he said was brilliant (as that goes in the NBA).  He said he chooses exercising patience versus paying too big a price for a mistake it may take 5 or 6 years to correct.

Common sense and Patience; Imagine That?

In the mean-time, the construction of Barclays Center continues.



  1. If he wants to get people into his new stadium, he better get a star. Ask Jerry Buss. I think Carmello would have been perfect.

  2. Agreed. The problem is always getting that first guy. Then the rest usually follow. In the mean-time, they better draft well.


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