Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Wait Till Next Year" ~ The New Generation


Get your programs.

Pre-game Introductions
Tri City Valley Cats  vs.  Brooklyn Cyclones

Singing of the National Anthem.


First Pitch.

Cyclones' dugout watches Cory Vaughn's at-bat while the Valley Cats' bullpen stays quiet.


Moon over the Parachute Jump

The Brooklyn Cyclones lost tonight to the Tri City Valley Cats in Game 2 of the New York Penn League Championship Series.  In a scene eerily reminiscent of the time when the Auburn Doubledays danced in celebration on this field in 2007; in a scene eerily reminiscent of the time the Williamsport CrossCutters danced in celebration on this field in 2003, so too did the young men from Troy, N.Y. celebrate tonight and dance on our field.

The Tri City Valley Cats; the team from Troy, N.Y.
are the NYPL Champs...and the celebration is on!

Troy should be congratulated for taking two straight from
 the Cyclones looking impressive doing it and showing
tremendous fight in their game the whole time. 
This team had power, comeback capabilities
and a knockout punch.

The Cyclones were sloppy at times during the two game series.  There is never a good time for erratic play.
But when it reared it's ugly head and stared at the Cyclones, they quivered.  But that wasn't it.  That's not what did this team in. 

The offensive juggernaut that was this team's line-up simply shut down.  There was no discernible slugging emanating from this Cyclone team; a team which set individual, team and league records for offensive production.  They scored one run tonight and only two in Game 1.  A combined 8 hits and 4 errors for the two games does not a champion make.

See you next year Pee Wee.

The team which achieved 51 victories, on cruise-control since perhaps the 2nd week of the season, who clinched their division earlier than the rest and by a substantial margin to boot, has left older Brooklynites and newer Lil' Bumz rooters reciting a mantra, as true today as the days when it was more common to hear around these part;  ~ "Wait Till Next Year".  The saying originated here.  It must be something in the water I guess.

The Coney Island Nine fell short of their quest for a championship.  And whether they bring back yellowed and frayed memories to mind or you're a couple of generations down the line experiencing this resurrected Brooklyn phenomenon for the first time over these last ten years..., it's painful all the same.

The events of 9/11 prevented a clear cut champion in 2001.  Clearly, no one was in any mood for dancing on any field then.  The Cyclones and Williamsport were declared co-champions.  Before having the opportunity to watch these Boys by the Beach have a party in our "Backyard", as of tonight I have had the misfortune of watching three teams partake in such merriment.

"Wait till next year" ~ A time honoring(?) tradition passed down from generation to generation?


Egg Cream Society*..., you may stand down now.  The summer season at Coney Island is now ended.  Further down Surf Avenue "The Cyclone" is giving her last rides of the season.  She's only coming out to play on the dwindling weekends of Summer now.  Even Nathan's Famous will pull in the tables soon as the days get shorter and they start feeding us behind closed doors.  They'll again resume their annual duty as the standing Lone Sentinel on Surf Avenue (pictured left) until the calendar says it's OK for things to get green again.  Till then, the Boardwalk is always available for lazy walks through Winter.

The games are over; the season is done. 

It's time to prepare MCU Park for her off-season hibernation.


Cyclone's GM Steve Cohen walks off into the night
pondering what could have been.

Last one out shut off the lights...

Parting shots:

Can you see why I love this place so much?

We'll get 'em next year.


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  1. That sucks, dude. But at least you were able to be at the ballpark. Go get 'em next season.


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