Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tom Seaver This Morning on 660WFAN

Tom Seaver was a guest this morning on Boomer and Carton's show; 660AM WFAN.

I only care to highlight his comments regarding 1977, M. Donald Grant and The Trade.

Carton asked how long it took him (Seaver) to emotionally get over the trade?  Seaver responded by saying it took no longer than getting on the plain and leaving.  Tom Seaver said he just did not like the people he was working for and it just wasn't a good situation for him (it's safe to say he was talking about M. Donald Grant although Mr. Seaver never mentioned anyone by name). 

He didn't care at all in a vindictive sense about who the Mets received in return, responding to another question asked by Carton.

Tom said he never had a feeling he had something special going when he pitched his no-hitter for the REDS.  Mr. Seaver insisted winning the game was more important to him than the no-hitter. 

When pressed by Carton to pick from a list offered of which achievement he's most fond of; no-hitter; World Series; Cy Young; ~ Tom Seaver chose to answer by saying he is most proud of the length of his career.  The fact he lasted and pitched for 20 years is what makes him most satisfied.

That's a paraphrased summary from a portion of the Boomer and Carton Show featuring a Tom Seaver interview.


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