Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NYG ~ Criticize Players, Not Coughlin

Yea, you have every right to be upset Tom. 

I'm not talking about the personal fouls called against us either.  You have every right to be upset when your players do not play to their ability, when they don't play to instruction and execute a plan and when they don't play with discipline.

What the Giants did last week was throw a football with the wrong hand (Eli), tip more passes in the air (All of em...why not!), not run off-tackle like you were told (Jacobs), commit all too obvious penalties (Bradshaw's chop-block), and exercised poor judgement getting some fouls of the personal variety (McKenzie). 

They, the Giants, have Antrel Rolle speaking out loud about the team's lack of leadership.  Former Giant Antonio Pierce echoed the lack of leadership sentiment.  Former Giant Michael Strahan added in his two cents and confirmed the Giants lack leadership.  But if you're not a current player, I take those things with a grain of salt.  Antrel Rolle however has been chirping all season so far.

Do they suffer a lack of leadership?

Like I said after Sunday's game, before I start siding with the players and believing Tom Coughlin has lost his players and his locker room, I hold all these players accountable for the miserable start they're off to.

I've heard the team that won the Super Bowl a few years ago wasn't Jerry Reese's team so much it was Ernie Accorsi's team.  I've heard that maybe Jerry Reese should be part of the conversation being the one who brought many of these current players on board and share in the charges of apathy against this team.

We don't have a lack of leadership.  We suffer a lack of accountability.
In 12 quarters of football played so far this season, the Giants have played exactly 4 good quarters and they did not all come in the same game.  They've been consistently more ponderous than praise worthy thus far.
They are starting to finger point and complain out loud.
There is a lack of comportment by some and sense of entitlement with others.

That's the truth fellas.  Tom Coughlin doesn't need to coach better.
You all need to play better.  All of you should, at some point before Sunday night's game against the Bears, look in the mirror and re-assess yourselves.  Rededicate yourselves towards a team effort.
Come back Sunday prepared to play for your team mates.

Instead of taking cheap shots in the media about Coughlin, or undermining him in the locker room or showing him up on the sidelines, it's time for the uniformed members of this roster to be more professional in their approach, rise up, rally around their coach and get back to playing



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