Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Hands of the Fish"

The Mets dropped a game to Math....Uh, I mean Miami..., I mean Florida last night. 

It's useless for me trying to figure out why we can't beat the Marlins.

Math, Marlins, the Muppets? ~ it doesn't matter.
Last night's defeat at the "Hands of the Fish" was the eliminator.

The Mets will not be participating in post-season play this year.

It's over Johnny. 
There's nothing more to see here folks.
Go back to your farms.

There are still a few more games to complete the schedule, but there will be
no "Meaningful Games"; keyword ~ meaningful, games to be played. 
Not that there were any this month..There wasn't.
But does it ring a bell?  I wish it didn't because it's forgettable.

From here out we watch the remainder of the Mets' season fade like the late September daylight.

The Winter of Blues; Met Blues, is blowing in a lot sooner than anyone wanted.

I'd suggest you react accordingly before you get left out in the proverbial Cold next year.
You know what I mean. 

Between now and then,
work on preventing New York Mets' seasons becoming synonymous with
yearly Orange fading September suns.

And Met fans, if you really want to be immature about it,
let's root for someone to knock off the Yankees!



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