Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Giants, Jets and JERKS


J - ET - S

Just  Enjoy Tannenbaum's Signings

High risk; High reward. ~ That's the path Jets' GM Mike Tannenbaum chose to take.  The Jets are chock-full-o-creeps with short term deals involving several players who've exhibited questionable behavior in the past.  The situation is a departure from past Jets' practice.  The Mangini Days seem like a very distant memory in the sense the Jets were less willing to extend themselves in the controversy department;  or any time before that in my recollections.

I mentioned before the season started the key to bringing in personnel with questionable "character" was Tannenbaum's ability to stay above the chaos and remain in control of his monster.  If Mike Tannenbaum can not and does not maintain the status of Alfa-Male, this condition he created called the JETS can really implode on Mr. Woody Johnson with far reaching consequences.

The PSLs are not a big hit.  That is putting it mildly.  Instead of Woody trying to manage his half of debt on the new Palace to NY Football, Mike Tannenbaum is precipitously close to getting Woody's "charter" revoked (by PSL paying fans) by turning the joint into DELTA HOUSE.

High risk; High reward. 

If this team wins a Super Bowl they'll be remembered and compared to the likes of the old Oakland Raiders; John Madden's Oakland renegade Raiders.  If they fall woefully short they'll be compared to the........Jets; the Same Old Jets; again.  There's more hyperbole than truth in that last comment.  But that's what will happen.

So,  it's all on Mike Tannenbaum to keep this volatile concoction from blowing up in Woody's face and his wallet.

It is what it is.  Dontcha just hate that expression?  I say it because I'm not going to jump on top of the soapbox and start shouting out moral-isms.  Nope.

Braylon Edwards is a grown man who will make his own decisions.  He made a bad one at 5:15am this morning.  Now he has to deal with the consequences of his decision to get behind the wheel of his personal vehicle under the influence of alcohol and operate said vehicle.  He initially got pulled over on NYC's West Side for having window tint that was too dark.  The rest, as they say, is now a matter of Public Record.

In fairness, now that I've scratched my itch, Mike Tannenbaum didn't assume a whole lot of financial risk with Braylon.  The biggest hit comes in Public Perception.  The Jets seem willing to take risks in that regard so do not let this Braylon Edwards situation strike you as a surprise. 

I'm not arguing a case for or against signing him.  I'm just saying when you assume risk, there's a chance you're going to get burned.  But when you light the match and run away to watch things burn from afar.... now we have a problem.

The Tannenbaum reaction thus far?  Braylon Edwards will suit up but not start in Sunday's game.  Playing time will be decided by Coach Rex as he sees fit; per Tannenbaum.  Really?

So after Rex plays him as if nothing happened, and justifies doing so by simply declaring to be nothing more than a Coach of players, the hypocrisy of treating athletes and celebrities like regular people gets exposed once again.  That is precisely why Mike Tannenbaum must be firm handed and decisive in action regarding Braylon Edwards and not afford Coach Rex the opportunity of having him in uniform;  ~  That is until Commissioner Goodell gets a hold of him.

Until then....

J - E - T - S    Just Endure The Shenanigans.


Big Blue Boob!  Small Blue Mind..

Brandon Jacobs, I introduce you to Giant Fans. 

Giants Fans, I introduce you to the owner of a small mind.

In 2007 he was big, bold and beautiful to watch plowing through NFL defenses.  He's been nothing of the kind since the G-Men lifted a "Vince" in the air.

The only things big and bold about Brandon Jacobs these days is his mouth, his contract and his attitude.

But above all else, there is nothing beautiful about a small mind.  I introduce to you The Bully; in it's classic form.

Bold, Brash, full of attitude and anger ~ The Bully has been stood up to and now IT seeks sympathy.

Big games and big performances bought him just enough leverage to secure a big contract, albeit after some pretty big talk and threats of holding out.  However, his record of futility over the last 2 plus seasons is documented on stat pages almost anywhere you search.  We have learned, I believe, how long a "Vince" will buy you it terms of Cred.  I think we just found out in Brandon's case.  Most fans gave him a pass for last year.  This year however there are expectations to be met and he's failing miserably, but most painful for him is he's getting exposed.

As the man lightly regarded as the player who hastened the retirement of Tiki Barber from the Giants, one would assume Brandon Jacobs would know a thing or two about competition and having to earn your keep.  The Problem is Jacobs isn't earning a half-penny of his deal and Tiki was still on top of his game.  The Giants took a glimpse into the future and liked it.

Fast-Forward ~ Fugheddaboudit!!

He's wholly perturbed by the fact he's losing playing time to Ahmad Bradshaw; substantial playing time.  He can't come to grips with the fact it's warranted.  He has no on-field response to the simple demands of his head coach, which were simply playing up to his capabilities.  He finds himself at a mental loss about how to deal with diminished playing time and his own internalization about his own lack of production and inability to punk his way out of this mess he's gotten himself into..  While not intentionally, as is the accepted version, Brandon Jacobs hurled his helmet into the stands in an act of total frustration about being pulled from Sunday's action.  The toss itself will earn him a $10,000 fine.  But the lesson will never be learned on Brandon Jacobs because lessons in life rarely are when it comes to bullies, accept when they occur the hard way.

He has a lot of gumption to request a trade from this team.  Mind you I did not say "nerve".

Everything regarding this Brandon Jacobs (lack of) phenomenon has been super sized.  He's a big guy with a big mouth, with a big contract, who HAD big expectations placed upon him, who's turned out to be a big disappointment, in a very big way, and who now has a very big problem on his hands.....

...Because he has a small mind.

Did I get that right?  He said something, to the press after Sunday's game, to the effect of....."Back off ~ I'm going through a lot right now."   (??? - Huh?)    Was that he who said that?

That my friend is the classic defense mechanism of a bully when all else has failed and they've been completely exposed.  And that comes as a direct result of a small mind.


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