Friday, September 10, 2010

Celebration by the SeaShore

The Brooklyn Cyclones Win; Qualify for Finals.

We do'd it!  Well..., some of it. 

The Cyclones are half way there.  Where? - A New York Penn League Championship that's where.

The Brooklyn Cyclones defeated the Jamestown Jammers tonight in a nail biter.  The final score was 6-4.  The Jammers had the bases loaded in the top of the 9 inning with no outs.  A force play at home plate off a grounder to first base secured the Cyclones' first out.  The next batter struck out looking.  The final batter struck out swinging the the beach party down by the seashore was underway.

The Cyclones will face off against the Tri-City Vally Cats this weekend, who eliminated the Batavia Muckdogs for the New York Penn League Championship.

Either way, someone will be dancing on our grass.  The Cyclones are the top seeded team in the League this year and will enjoy home field advantage through the remainder of the playoffs..  The first game will be up in Albany/Schenectady/TROY, N.Y.,  before the remainder of the series returns to Coney Island.

Batavia vs. Brooklyn would have been ideal; One against Two.  But this is the way it worked out and That's Baseball.

The Cyclones dropped the first game to the Jammers but then won the following two games to clinch the first round series.

The game itself was full of thrills.  I even saw the longest home run I ever witnessed at MCU Park.  The field measures 414 feet to straight away center field and a home run by Blake Forcythe barely cleared the wall; but clear the wall it did.  The Cyclones maintain the longest home to center distance in all Minor League Baseball.

The first game in Coney Island will be Sunday.  The series opens up in Albany, N.Y.

New York Penn League Playoffs
Game 3

Brooklyn    6
Jamestown 4

Brooklyn wins series 2 games to 1;
advance to play Tri City Valley Cats for
2010 NYPL Championship

Game Three Gallery:

5:45 pm..the Early Birds started to file in...This young Cyclones fan
was armed with a "Biggie" riff and ready with his sign.

This is what this guy thought of Jamestown and their grapes.

Wally Backman signing autographs.

Top of the 9th inning...Brooklyn leading 6-4...
Jamestown loaded the bases.. 
After a force play at home (3 to 2 if you're scoring) for the first out...,

Took this pic after the game was over but
#23 was pitching at the time of the pic above.

..Bases loaded; one out...
Batter looks at a called strike three during this at-bat..

...Two outs........

STRIKE THREE!!!...(swinging)
Cyclones Win!!!

Infielders mug the pitcher...dugout rushing in...

Outfielders coming in to join...

..and here come the bullpen guys on the right...!

Just a tad bit more to the right and they would have been exactly on the pitcher's mound.
That could have been a great picture..  But this was special enough!

...finally the coaches made their way out to join the Lil' Bumz in their celebration.
Skip, Wally ~ "Backman's Boyz" ~ is the last one to make it out to the mound.
...And the Beach Bums with their annoying little pom poms sneak into the picture!

Fans start rushing the home team's dugout to party with our
Seashore Sensation.  The Beach Party at Coney Island was on!

The final score shines brilliantly in the Coney Island Night.

The beach beyond the center field wall is dark with night but the lights of MCU Park shine down on Brooklyn's backyard as it empties out.

Pee Wee on the left gives tonight a Thumbs-Up .
Sandy the SeaGull reminds us all, who's Number One!

Good Night from MCU Park,
Coney Island,
Brooklyn Sea Shore,


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