Friday, September 17, 2010

Big Blue Thoughts ~ Week 2

Next Game: Week 2 @ Indianapolis Colts


That's it;  Brandon Jacobs.  This game is all about him.  Say what you will about any other aspect of the Giants' game right now; poor special teams play or what have you ~  this game boils down to him.  He does a lot of talking so it's time to get to steppin'.  That time is this week against the Colts.

Hakeem Nicks is dealing with a mild ankle sprain and Tight End Kevin Boss is out this week suffering from concussion symptoms incurred Week One.  Brandon Jacobs must rush like the bull of the past.  He must control the Giants' time of possession.  He must put the Giants in 2nd and short situations and convert on 3rd down and short.  This week the pass needs to set up the run; not the other way around (attn: Coach Gilbride).  The time has come for Brandon Jacobs to regain past form.  If Eli and Brandon can hook up successfully on the swing, that would be cool too.

The Colts lost to Houston last week.  Are the Colts upset?  Are they looking to take it out on us?  Maybe.
But if Brandon does what I'm asking, Peyton will have a lot less time to work with.  If he's not on the field, he can't beat you.  Many put that on the Defense.  In Week 2, I put this on Brandon Jacobs.  It's up to him to keep not only Peyton Manning off the field, but our Defense also.

The Colt defense can be run on.  I don't mean to invoke the full brunt of the definition of "Soft" but the Colt defense is soft.  If you're inclined to believe the Giants' offensive line of last week's second half was a truer indication of their future performance than the first half was, like I am, then the conditions for Brandon Jacobs to have that break out game, and lead a ground pounding, clock eating attack are optimal.

(Don't look now but Shaun O'Hara was re-injured in practice today.  Uh oh.)

If the Giants can't convert third downs, can't sustain long clock eating drives, and can't control time of possession with an effective ground game; if they let Peyton Manning stay on the field longer than 37:00 minutes Sunday night, Peyton will shred our linebackers to threads making them cover.  Our linebackers are still our soft white under belly.  D-Backs Terrell Thomas and Kenny Phillips played a very good game last week, but they alone will not be able to keep pace with the P~ Manning check-down.  If that be the case, we be in trouble....yo!

I'm not inclined to fall for the whole MANNING BOWL thing as Eli faces off against his brother Peyton.
Yea...I suppose Eli can chew clock and make first downs with a short pass scheme.  But we're Giants' Fans and we get squeamish when ever the ball is in the air.  Coach Gilbride doesn't understand that and throws when he shouldn't and especially when he doesn't have to.  And now that Steve Smith looks ready to join in...  All I'm saying is someone keep a leash on Coach Kevin-G.

So, like I say, this is all on Brandon Jacobs.  This game is his to secure for the Giants.  I believe this Week 2 match-up rests in his hands.  Can Ahmad Bradshaw bail him out and save the day and my perceived plans?  Sure he can.  And Jacobs would be all the more luckier for it.  Don't get me wrong, I am a Jacobs fan.  He's on my good side.  But I'm a pragmatist and sometimes you have to identify things for what they are.  Remember last week's Bad Half of Giants' Football?  Brandon and Bradshaw combined for negative 2 yards.  His rushing yardage looked better than the performance.

He's got a big mouth and a big contract.  It's time for him to have a big game.  He needs a big game not because Brandon Jacobs needs a big game to re-establish some lost credibility.  He needs a big game because that's the plan I believe will work best for WEEK 2 against the Colts;
Nothing more ~ Nothing Less.

Let's go Blue


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