Friday, June 04, 2010

Instant Replay ~ No Thanks

I do not want replay in Baseball.

Yes, we hold it to a different standard, even when compared to other sports. Why?

Because it's Baseball. We like it that way. One can argue that Football has become the National Passion. But Baseball is still the National Pastime.

I love the way Hockey does it. The way Football does it is yawn inspiring!

Why do people today feel the need to qualify everything? Why are we so self-absorbed in our perceived humanistic omniscience?.

Why do we need to take this game out of the hands of officials. That renders the Boys in Blue impotent and leaves them wide open for increased disrespect.

Baseball was incorporated with players and an official oversee'er. Baseball has always been a living game; evolving with the times and invention. But whatever rule changes were made in the past still boiled down between players and the official's judgement.

I am not willing to surrender my Pastime to a never ending search for perfection, because we think we're capable of capturing that. How self-absorbed is that by us?

The game itself is already perfect. Anything else is plastic surgery and artificial enhancement. Please do not take the natural elements of this game away. As a society we've surrendered too much already to technology. That's why we're so protective of Baseball.

Please don't let the modern age imperialize a game that doesn't need fixing in an unrealistic chase for perfection.

I much rather and enjoy to have these stories of blown calls, etc. become part of our Baseball mythology and our folklore of the game. That's Baseball.

Baseball giveth and baseball taketh away. Baseball is cruel at times. But Baseball always lets you come back.

Galarraga didn't blow his top because he knew he was dealing with something improbable. He didn't suddenly get bent out of shape because the expectation is not being able to pull off a perfect game in the first place. The deflation wasn't that deflating; just very frustrating. And that's all.

No Replay!

There is one way I am in favor of it.  An official eye in the sky/booth monitoring the games and wired up with the crew chief.  There is no reason the booth ump can't make the final call on the fly.  There is no need for a challenge, umpires leaving the field, delay and wasted time or the minutia of how to implement such a plan.  Let the five officials work as a unified team to get things right instantly.  Otherwise...Fugheddaboudit!


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