Friday, May 28, 2010

Mets lose game; Streak ends; I'm OK

Milwaukee - The Mets' consecutive innings streak for not giving up a run ended at 35 in the Dairy State at roughly 10:45pm EST tonight.  In the process they turned another Johan Santana "above" quality start into curd.  The waft of spoiled milk should be gusting through METropolis by the time the morning papers hit the stands tomorrow.

However, I will not self indulge myself at the Club's expense and go negative.  Why? - Because of the fore mentioned innings streak the Mets pitcher's started against the Phillies and extended tonight for 8 innings.  It's hard to hitch a wagon full of hate on the back of a ride like that.

So?  Igirashi?  You're off the hook for the game.  He gave up a game winning two run home run to Cory Hart for the Brewers and the walk-off.  The Brewers got a great start out of hurler Gillardo tonight.
SNY passed a stat along informing of Gillardo's brilliant penchant for getting batters out on called strike three.  He and Jon Lester master that category.  But the fact the Mets did not capitalize on another great performance by their ace continues to disturb.  That's an issue that stands alone and I will not vent those frustrations over tonight's loss to the Brew Crew in their home ninth inning.

I made little if no mention of the Mets pitchers accumulating the scoreless innings streak.  I also made little if any mentions of the Mets play against the Yankees nor of the sweep over the Phillies.  So if I was not making an attempt to praise the Flushing Nine for things they did well over the last week, in light of creeping back into this long marathon's leading pack and getting back above .500, I will employ some self-balancing and say virtually nothing about tonight's game or about sending another one of Johan Santana's starts to Potter's Field to die.

How's that for passive aggressive?

Mike  BTB


  1. I really like the layout of this blogspot blog. Glad you're OK with the streak ending. What a rational approach!

  2. Jane ~ I like the blogger abilties this gives better than MLBlogs' version. There's so much more to customize with.

  3. All good things must come to an end... hell the hitless, scoreless streak, ended too... LOL


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