Sunday, May 30, 2010

Now I'm ready for World Cup

This afternoon I find myself unpleasantly trapped in the Staten Island Mall because the members of my close little family wanted to come shopping. As Papa Bear of this family, I guess I had no choice but to consent to this little jaunt in the woods while their porridge cooled down.

But to my delight, as I found myself in the ridiculously over priced M*cy's store, my adventure into the retail inferno suddenly became a worth while trip.

I dropped seventy bucks on a jersey I always wanted to get. It was there calling my name begging me to reach in my pocket and pay for the right to take it home.

In preparation for World Cup 2010, I purchased the iconic Argentine National Team's jersey; country of my father.

World Cup action is right around the corner. I am a native New Yorker of Brooklyn. Of course I have USA's best interests at the forefront of my rooting interests. But these games transcend something more than sport. This is about family.

Let's go USA!!! Viva la Argentina!!

...from the Staten Island Mall.... Mike.


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