Sunday, May 02, 2010

David Wright Might Need a Hip Replacement after..

During yesterday's Mets/Phillies contest, David Wright was up against Roy Halladay.  Halladay snapped off a curve ball that had David spinning in place like the Tasmanian Devil.  He damn near broke his hip turning his torso and head towards the umpire trying to "Matrix" a curve ball that dropped in for a called third strike.  David Wright's mind is still hampered by the thoughts of getting beaned last year.  There is no pitch recognition.  He did not spot the traditional dot on a curve ball.  He acted in pure self defense from an ankle breaking, hip replacing curve ball..........that dropped in for strike three.

By the way...That effort by Roy Halladay was nothing short of magnificent.  His was a study in 'Closing the Deal'.  Roy Halladay threw 88 strikes in 118 pitches!  He found his way through the middle innings and attacked the strike zone to finish very very strongly.  That's how it's done.  That's how you finish what you start.


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