Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Road Trips 2017: Wilmington Blue Rocks


Sunday morning, breakfast - I suggested we go somewhere new instead of staying in Baltimore for another game.  The wife knew right then check-out was imminent.  It just so happened the Wilmington Blue Rocks were playing an early game.  But there was no fooling her.  She knew I planned it the whole time.  A perfect pit stop on the way home, I thought.  The wife ... let's just say Timothy's restaurant on the river walk made her day.

Daniel Frawley Stadium

Kansas City Royals (Class-A) Affiliate

The Wilmington Blue Rocks originally existed as a Class-B affiliate:
1940 - 1943  Philadelphia Athletics
1944 - 1952  Philadelphia Phillies

Judy Johnson
Enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame

"Considered the finest third baseman of his days in the Negro Leagues ..."
Judy Johnson is also commemorated at Pittsburgh's PNC Park 
for his service with the Pittsburgh Crawfords and Homestead Grays.

aka Judy Johnson Field

Baseball styled sign atop scoreboard acknowledging 
Judy Johnson Field 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Road Trips 2017: Baltimore Orioles


One month after our 4th of July road trip to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, I was feeling itchy again.  I called the wife early Friday afternoon, and she sensed it right away.  I told her I'd crunch some schedules and call her back.  She threw Baltimore at me, and I said done!  We left early Saturday morning and seated for a full breakfast by 10:45am.

We've been to Baltimore many times.  It remains such a great getaway because it's close; Inner Harbor and Fells Point are cool hang outs; Oriole Park is still a marvelous place to catch a baseball game; and perhaps our top reason for going back to Baltimore is eating dinner at the Rusty Scupper.

Federal Hill

Fort McHenry

Babe Ruth Museum

Camden Yards 25th Season

Est. 1954

1902 - 1953
AL Champions 1944

New York Mets vs. Baltimore Orioles

Brooks Robinson ~ Earl Weaver ~ Jim Palmer

Eddie Murray ~ Frank Robinson

Cal Ripken Jr.

We stayed the night.  On Sunday, we took in an early afternoon minor league baseball game on the way home.

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