Wednesday, October 05, 2016

N.Y. Mets: Ready for Wild Time in Flushing

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New York Giants 1890-1957
New York Mets    1962-1963

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San Francisco Giants
New York Mets
Roosevelt Avenue

Storied past, almost mythical, the golden era of baseball, when three boroughs each fielded their own major league franchise - a time long gone, forgotten, essentially dead and quite literally buried over.

Unconditional support of players, unyielding loyalties to team, a kinship of sorts, for National League fans, ended in 1957.

Outwardly, the 58 year old wounds seemed to have heeled.  But make no mistake, within those who remember, major resentment still lingers.

The Mets and Giants are forever connected by Mrs. Joan Whitney Payson, former co-owner of the (then) New York Giants, whom was the only member of the executive board to vote against the proposed relocation to San Francisco.

In turn, she and William Shea set about turning the major league establishment on its ear, threatening them with the potential creation a new rival league.  The net result, or affect, became modern era expansion.

Ms. Payson and William Shea would then establish the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club, whose inaugural season occurred in 1962.

Tonight, the San Francisco Giants revisit their estranged New York City love child, left behind when together, Mr. Horace Stoneham and Walter O'Malley eloped to California.

There's no denying the DNA.  Cut into each of these teams, and they will bleed orange.

The time has come, and is long overdue, for a memorial befitting Joan Payson, the matriarch of the Mets, be erected at Citi Field.

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