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S.I. Yankees: Friday's Elimination Ends Era in Richmond County


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Staten Island Yankees: Defending NYPL champs no more; State College eliminates baby Bombers from 2016 post-season.

The "Yankees Era" is no more

With Friday's loss to the Spikes, Staten Island is eliminated from this year's playoffs.

Friday also marks the official end of the Yankees ~ the team will assume a new identity next season.

The now concluded semi final series finale against State College did not lack for drama.

After withstanding a series opening 3-0 whitewashing at the Ballpark at St. George, Bombers third baseman Drew Bridges is to thank for extending the series with a tenth inning home run in game two.

Facing a 2-0 deficit through six innings, three Yankee runs in the top of the 7th put them ahead by a 3-2 margin.  But their lead soon proved fleeting.

Yanks reliever Chad Martin faced little difficulty retiring State College's six, seven, and eight hitters in the bottom of the sixth inning.  Perhaps earning him the ball for another soon to be fateful frame.   Needless to say, a walk and stolen base, two singles, a wild pitch, and a home run later, Staten Island suddenly found themselves trailing by three after seven innings of play.

After rallying for two runs, and closing to within 6-5 in the top of the eighth, the season concluded disappointingly with Staten Island stranding the tying run on second base in the ninth.

The State College Spikes will face the Hudson Valley Renegades in the New York-Penn League finals.  Game One is scheduled for Sunday at Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill, New York.

Staten Island's 18 year run known as the Yankees is officially over.  Since 1999, they are six time New York-Penn League champions.  Staten Island baseball will assume a new identity next season.

Apparently, these are the five finalists:
  • Bridge Trolls
  • Heroes
  • Killer Bees
  • Pizza Rats
  • Rock Pigeons

Two are complete trash.  One forces me to remain neutral, while the last two choices at least invite consideration.

I have my own ideas.  Why wouldn't I?  At least I know many of my suggestions are better than theirs.

My most serious consideration is - The Richmond County Boogeymen.

It's a little bold, a little ballsy ... considering it stems from the old Willowbrook crazy home.  But it involves distinctive local Staten Island urban myth/folklore.  And just think of the potential merchandising.

Now batting for the Boogymen...

..and the score after three innings is Brooklyn 4, the Boogymen 6.

The Boogymen will embark on a six game road trip....

You get the idea.

Brooklyn's chief rival, by any other name, is still Brooklyn's chief rival.


One last note about Staten Island.  The untenable parking situation there is killing the team.  Ongoing major construction on a humongous Ferris wheel and the Staten Island Ferry terminal make the area a virtual no-go.  All should prove beneficial down the line, I'm sure.  At least that's the municipality's hope.  In the mean time, refraining from attending Staten Island baseball games has become a collateral method of entertainment for Richmond County fans.

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