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N.Y. Yankees: Girardi Whiffs Alex with Screwball

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New York Yankees: Actions speak louder than words...

Back during Alex Rodriguez' more "loosey-goosey days" when he first got outed for using PED's, he told a packed press room at Yankee Stadium and all the fans tuning in, "Judge me from this moment forward."

Remember that?

Then what happened...?

He was outed a second time with the discovery of his involvement with BioGenesis.

How did Alex handle this newest white hot controversy?

After playing the young and dumb card last time, he this time employed a full blown scorched earth policy.  Denials, lies, and false accusations at the ready, Alex threatened the Yankees, the team trainer and doctors, the Player's Association, and whoever else opposed him with lawsuits.

Only problem was that Alex could never follow through because he would then be made to testify, effectively causing him to out himself.  Knowing this, Alex had no choice but to drop the curtain on his absurd charade, and obediently serve his one year (2014) suspension from baseball -(conveniently during the same season Derek Jeter enjoyed his farewell tour - the very Derek Jeter Alex criticized in GQ magazine while en route to joining the Yankees during the 2014 off-season).

Alex returned from suspension last season to post very productive numbers through the first half of the schedule, but tailed off considerably after the all-star break.  This season has been no different.  

With the exception of May in which he only played six games, Alex Rodriguez was a starter on Opening Day and continued playing through July 31st, during which time he only slashed .205/.253/.358, with just six doubles, nine home runs, and 29 RBI though 215 at-bats.

As the non-waiver trade deadline loomed, Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner decided it was time to break from the Yankees traditional business model, and so together inaugurated a rebuilding process with haste, evidenced by their transactions during the days and hours leading up to the non-waiver trade deadline.

There's little debating the Yankees then decided they had no more use for Alex Rodriguez.

He has one at-bat for the month of August, when used as a pinch hitter on Aug. 2nd. Otherwise, ARod has yet to participate in any capacity.

Hal Steinbrenner said Alex would be free to play in his four remaining games as a uniformed player of the Yankees.  Joe Girardi echoed those same words.

It was with great anticipation Alex thought he was going to do just that, until he failed to read his name on Tuesday's line-up card.

Lets call that for what it is ... vindictive, passive or otherwise.  I'm not saying whether that was right or wrong of the Yankees (Girardi), justified, earned, etc.  Im just calling it like I see it.

The issue is clear in my eyes - the Yankees do not want Alex hitting his potential 700th career home run in their uniform.  Or, maybe they they're staunchly opposed to Alex going the same company as Babe Ruth.

You get the gist...

Meanwhile, during the latter innings of Tuesday's series opener between the Yanks and Red Sox in Boston, fans started chanting, "We want ARod! We want ARod!"

If you read my last article, there's every chance Boston fans genuinely wanted to acknowledge Alex in a respectful way.

The Yankees just aren't having it.  They let him have his fun for nine seasons previous to his suspension.  Now they're declaring his party officially over ... on their terms.

After all those hundreds of million dollars spent, the Yankees behavior is exacting a tax meant to humble Alex.

Outwardly, the Yankees appeared to let Alex bow out somewhat gracefully ... a noble effort considering they affixed their stamp upon his dishonorable discharge papers in hot wax back on July 31.

With regards to all parties involved, and particular emphasis on Girardi for not playing ARod Tuesday night, actions have always spoken louder than words.

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