Saturday, June 25, 2016

N.Y. Mets: Jose, Jose, Jose, is in the House

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But will he be welcomed with open arms..?

Say hello to the bad guy ~ Scarface

New York Mets reunite with Jose Reyes, who'll commence his comeback with the Brooklyn Cyclones.

Jose ... Jose ... Jose ... is back!

But not after serving a 51 game suspension stemming from his arrest for a domestic violence incident dating back to October 2015 in Hawaii involving his wife.

Reyes was preparing for an eventual return, recently working out in the Colorado Rockies minor leagues when the organization elected instead to designate him for assignment.

He easily cleared waivers this week and agreed to a minor league contract with the Mets shortly thereafter.

Now 33 years old, Reyes is still owed more than $40 million dollars per his original contract signed with the Miami Marlins, of which, the Rockies remain responsible for the balance.  The Mets get him for the MLB minimum.

Baseball aside, the incident in Hawaii did in fact happen.  His wife, however, was uncooperative during the investigation and so charges against Reyes were dropped.

But that doesn't make it right.  I'm the first to say all is fair when it come to Love and War.  Couples fight.  It's what they do.  And sometimes tempers escalate and things get ugly.  A man who brings or causes physical violence upon a woman, though, goes too far, and quite frankly, beyond civility.

As we move forward, whatever verdict the court of New York City public opinion levies against him is okay with me.  I'll root for him, with the hopes he can actually help the Mets, but I will not defend him, stick up for him, or go out on a moral limb for him.  If I'm at the game, I'll side on mindful ambivalence and defer particularly to women sitting in my presence.

Reuniting with the Mets, however, was a natural.  As Sandy Alderson implied, this organization was indeed his extended family.  And so the embattled major leaguer gets his chance at resuming his career in the same place it started.

First, he'll need to spend time getting into game shape playing for the Brooklyn Cyclones.

Jose Reyes will also learn how to play new positions, namely, third base, and some outfield.

Whatever speed Jose Reyes can add to the Mets would be a major improvement, as the team is last in the National League in stolen bases.  The Mets station to station offense has been ponderously inept for the better part of two months now.  At least Reyes represents a player who can actually make it from first to third on a hit.

MCU Park should be a mad house Sunday.  I'm expecting the media to descend upon Coney Island like locusts.

I plan to be there.

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