Wednesday, January 27, 2016

N.Y. Mets: The More Yoenis Cespedes Podcast

Here's our latest podcast at 

as of Tuesday

Sam, the Converted Met Fan hosted our 2-hour extravaganza.

Our guest(s) were Jaron and his dad Robert.  Jaron is a 14-year old wonder kid from Los Angeles whom has a 30k following on Istagram.  On Twitter you can find him @nym_news.  He's become a friend of the show, and is very knowledgeable, if I may say.  His father is a former NY'er whom raised his son to be a Mets fan on the Left Coast.  They are extremely engaging individually, and make a great team.  Obviously, we keep Jaron's dad on just to keep things copacetic, but he's a tremendous contributor in his own right - a man after my own heart.

We took a lot of calls, and even got pranked two or three times.
What can I say - we don't have a dump button or a call screener.
So, it got a little gonzo there for a few minutes.
Robert, however, took a few of those callers to task.
We even "outed" one of them.
It was great!

Otherwise, I think the show went extremely well, if not one of our best.
We left no stone unturned.

We even ended the show with positive things to say about
Jeff Wilpon!


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